Tourism Kelowna

While getting my weekly Bachelor fix this evening I was ecstatic to see Kelowna, BC featured in one of the home dates! Adorable Bachelor Jason met the [equally adorable] Jillian's family after spending the afternoon with the bachelorette at gorgeous Mission Hill Winery.

Mission Hill Winery

Let's just say Jillian did Kelowna a great service by making it this far. The show captured some beautiful footage of Kelowna's valley in [what looked like] the Fall.

Spring, Summer, Fall, or even Winter, Kelowna is a Bride's dream. The backdrop speaks for itself and the weather is phenomenal.

Mission Hill Winery

Although [quite unfortunately] Mission Hill does not host weddings, many other wineries in the Okanagan Valley do. As a new Planner to the area I look forward to sharing my findings, experiences, and of course wine recommendations with you. I can't wait for our annual girl's weekend of wine touring this Spring and the many additional trips I will be able to make networking! Stay tuned...


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