January Rain, David Gray

I always enjoy visiting the wedding blog Glamour This for her helpful music selections. I especially love how she usually features a video highlighting the song. Since I am a movie buff and a die hard romantic, I figured I might as well fuse the two and start a feature of my own.
Occasionally, I will showcase a movie montage or video featuring a romantic moment or favorite love song. Just for fun.

This weeks installment features the David Gray's instrumental "January Rain" from the film Serendipity.
I love guitar. I love instrumentals. and I love John Cusack.

I plan to have this beautiful piece playing during the processional at my own wedding.

[The second song featured in this video is "Northern Sky" by Nike Drake. This soundtrack is phenomenal, by the way].

Video courtesy of rikarduk.

Simply Lovely

Snippet&Ink is an amazing wedding reference [& one of my favorites] with daily inspiration and ideas. Every Saturday they feature a "Real Wedding," highlighting a couple's special day.

This past weekend featured a very fun couple with a very beautiful wedding. I was immediately drawn to their use of colour, personality, and special, original, touches. Coverage of the whole wedding can be found here.

Some of my favorite details:

This twig feature ran along the head table, becoming a subtle but stunning accent. I love the simplicity of it's design and I think it would be accentuated with low vases of flowers interspersed throughout. Beautiful.

I love the bride's hair piece. I love curls. I love messy up do's. Enough said.

I am always interested in unique ways of displaying the [usually boring] seating chart. This couple carried over the rustic charm of the rest of their wedding by nailing their seating chart to an old shutter. How clever.

However, I may just like this couple so much because they remind me of Angie and Ryan.


Gettin' Personal

Ryan and Angie are planning on including a candy bar and offering "to go" containers to their guests as favours. These containers will also double as place cards. [So clever]!

I love this idea and think they should be personalized! Some ideas on how to do this:

Personalized Stamp:

Imagine this stamp with a "thank you" message in lieu of "save the date."
Image Courtesy of Sweet Paperie.

Personalized Stickers:

Imagine this in a better "eggplant"?
Image Courtesy of Redhead Diva Paper.

apple [pie] of my eye

Well: I guess the fact that I have a sweet tooth is obvious by now. For this reason, I love Angie and Ryan's idea of a Pie Bar!

We talked food a lot today and came up with a few ideas for the candy and pie bars! I am so excited.

I LOVE this stamp.

Ryan, Angie, and I discussed using this stamp to label the different pies and include who made what pie for a personal touch. [I also think it would be cute to label recipe cards].

Any Thoughts?

Image courtesy of craftpudding.

one more last kiss.

Now THAT is a beautiful wedding moment captured on film.

Snippet&Ink [one of my very favorite wedding blogs] featured this photograph today by the amazing Parker J Pfister.
Why do you have to be in North Carolina?
Inspiring montages can be found here, here, and here. Goose bumps, I tell you: goose bumps!

Image courtesy of Parker J Pfister.


Do.It.Yourself. Ceiling Lights & Fabric

It is clear that the lighting of the venue will set the mood of any event. Warm and romantic or bright and inviting; there are many techniques to help establish the right vibe.

The hall at which Angie and Ryan are hosting their reception has large wooden beams along the ceiling. Although they are quite nice, we are looking at the different methods of 'dressing' them.

Angie [& I] really like paper lanterns as well as fabric panels draped from the ceiling. I have found a useful DIY guide for creating this romantic effect, here.

I have also found a DIY "pomander" [paper lanterns covered in flowers], here. I think doing this in solid white would be quite stunning lit up among the other paper lanterns and fabric panels. Thoughts?

Image Courtesy of The Knot.

It Makes the World Taste Good...

It has become quite popular to include a dessert or candy bar at weddings in lieu of other desserts or favours. I for one really love the idea. Especially after seeing the amazing tables Amy Atlas puts together. Her portfolio is full of beautiful works of art.

Angie, I think we can muster up something similar, don't you?

My personal favorite: including candy that matches the wedding's colour palate.

Image Courtesy of Amy Atlas Events.


I think I need to become a wedding planner.

Have you ever wished that you could turn your hobby and your passion into your career? It is for this reason that I have decided to become a Wedding Planner.

I am in the process of planning my first wedding for a wonderful couple who are giving me the opportunity to learn, to share, and to plan [as well as allowing me to document the process here]! I am ecstatic to put my ideas into motion and to help Ryan and Angie execute the most important day of their lives. It is an honour.

So it begins.

I am currently enrolled in a wedding planning course being offered by Geneve McNally of Dream Group Productions.

After Week One I am happy to report that the course has thus far fulfilled my [very high] expectations. Like the student.for.life I am, I have gone through the course syllabus and have already begun planning my final project [due in 8 weeks]. I know. I'm a dork. However, at least I'll be a dork with happy clients.



365 and counting...

Today marks the one.year.count.down. of the first wedding I am planning. Ryan and Angie will be wed on September 12, 2009 in New Westminster. Although there is [so] much to do, I am eagerly anticipating the year ahead and it's many learning opportunities! I will be documenting my experiences leading up to their big day and using the blog as a tool of communicating my [many] ideas with Angie and co. Check back frequently!


Buon giorno, Bonjour, Aloha, Hello.

Welcome to the C.Star Events blog, an online journal documenting my experiences and inspirations in wedding and event planning. Here, I will share my favorite ideas and projects, found through frequenting various event blogs and websites. Additionally, I will describe my experiences as a new planner. Please explore, comment, link, and share.

Feel free to contact me for more information or for a consultation.

Image Courtesy of creativeapples
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