A Farmer's Daughter

Angela & I fell in love with the beautiful pieces made by A Farmer's Daughter when we visited her table at Indie I Do. Based out of Vancouver, A Farmer's Daughter creates one-of-a-kind hairpieces that are uniquely gorgeous.

What better a time to feature her work than today when she has given two pieces to the amazing Joanna Goddard to give away! Check out A CUP OF JOE today and leave a comment to win a bird-cage veil (with vintage rhinestones) or a feather hair clip (with ostrich feathers and a vintage pearl earring). How lovely?

If that wasn't convincing enough, check out some of my favorite pieces:

{Polka Dottie Wide Headband, $24}

{White Party Wedding Miller Headband Fresh Water Pearl, $34}

{Bird Cage Puffer Veil with Feather Clip Combo, $68}

{Bride Belle, $28}

Good Luck Everyone!


Anonymous said...

These are precious! I have to go check them out...

Thank you for the antique frame advice! I will be checking out the garage sales also, you never know what you can find! Have a lovely weekend!

Callie Grayson said...

these are beautiful! Wish i was getting married {for a moment} so I could wear one of these beautiful items!

will have to bookmark so if it ever happens:)

Courtney said...

Hi Hayley! No problem: I'm going to be on the market for some intage frames, too. I'll let you know if I find any!

Callie: I know what you mean. I'm tempted to purchase one of the beautiful hairbands and find some place to wear it later!

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