Birdcage Decor

Ryan & Angela: how gorgeous is this?

{David Seaver photo via classic bride}

Although your reception is indoors {and the birdcage will most likely be on our welcome table}, wouldn't it be great to use the vintage birdcage more than once?

I'm thinking we could copy this gorgeous look for your outdoor engagement party, rehearsal dinner, or a post-wedding bbq. It could house the cards that you'll inevitably receive along the way. Or, simply carry the bird motif further.



Blair said...

Just about to do a birdcage decor post! Great minds:) I think I may include this picture (with credit to you of course!).

Courtney said...

Brilliant!! I can't wait to see your post. I am loving birdcages used for interior decor.

Callie Grayson said...

what a perfect idea! they look so sweet hanging on the ribbons filled with letters, notes and sweet nothings!

Vancouver Bride said...

Wow - I love this!

Anonymous said...

so pretty - could we incorporate these on the ceremony table where we sign our license?


P.S. On an unrelated note, they sell mason jars at the dollar store in Surrey Place, should we need them.

Courtney said...

Yes, we definitely can. I love that idea, Ange.

I think three different cages at different sizes would be lovely.

Anonymous said...


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