Songs in the Key of Love, {part one}

I am a huge fan of music. All kinds of music. And - because love is in the air - I wanted to share some of my favorite love-infused songs in the week leading up to Valentine's day. Every day I will feature a song that I feel captures a part what the world needs more of... love.love.love.
. . .

For day.one I chose the wonderful Jessie Baylin. I am a huge fan and, after meeting her at her recent show in Vancouver, I can assert the girl is even more unreal than she appears to be.

I wanted to feature the following song as I feel it captures a unique aspect of love: being inseparable and vulnerable and lonely all at once.
[I could only find the live version. For the studio recording check out her MySpace]. Enjoy.

Leave your mark, Jessie Baylin



Leave your mark
Just leave your mark on me
Leave a mark
Just leave a mark on me
So if we part
I can still remember you
Leave a mark
Just leave it somewhere on me

So that I can always find you
When I have you on my mind too
Even when you are far away


Miranda Karkling said...

listened to this 3 times over. beautiful song.

Courtney said...

Isn't it? Check out her other songs. You will love her.

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