Frocks Modern Bridesmaids

Since Angie and her girls will be heading out in search of bridesmaids dresses shortly, I thought I would put together a preview of what they will find when they visit Vancouver's Frocks Modern Bridal.
{All examples are above the knee, as per the bride's request}.

Frocks is a shop created by bridesmaids for bridesmaids. That's right ladies, they have dresses you can wear again. Below is a peek at the various designers they carry to help get your excited for your day of dress shopping.

. . .

charsa designs

L-R: angela knee, stacey knee, brittany knee, belinda knee

Angie, Charsa offers colours bordeaux and eggplant in their shantung dupioni fabric. [They also offer celery and meadow in satin ribbon sashes if you're interested. I think cream or tan would be a lovely contrast, too].

Jenny Yoo

L-R: Reaghan Dress, Jolie Dress, Cameron Dress, Patricia Dress

Clearly, Jenny Yoo offers an eggplant option. I am not sure which of the various fabrics and styles frocks will have in, however they may be able to place an order for you.


L-R: Styles 2449, 2982, 2581, 2542.

The first two dresses are available in a purple toned bougainvillea and the second two are available in both Bougainvillea & a lighter-toned Nightingale. Not a perfect eggplant, however if all of your bridesmaids fell in love with Watters dresses it may work.

Lynn Lugo

L-R: Mia, Alyssa, & Morgan; Jo & Sarah

Lynn Lugo offers a variety of colours including eggplant. Your ladies could have some fun with this line of dresses if you take advantage of their 'create your own bridesmaid dress' option.

simple silhouettes

L-R: Gardenia, Dahlia, Tulip

These dresses are cute but I am unsure as to whether or not they offer an eggplant.

Warning: don't fall in love with any of these dresses. They do not come in eggplant

L-R: Liddy- mini length, Tyler- mini length, Gabrielle- knee length, Serena- knee length

Although none of Thread's dresses are offered in eggplant, they are by far some of my favorites. They are "party dresses" rather than "bridesmaids' dresses" which in itself makes them wear-again friendly. They also offer the most styles that I'm sure would compliment everyone's personal tastes.
I included them purly for style inspiration as they had some really unique cuts.

. . .

I hope you enjoyed the mini look book I've put together and that its given you some stylistic inspiration. Good luck ladies, I hope you find some loveley eggplant dresses. I can't wait to see them!


Blair said...

I really love the ones from Thread but these are all fantastic! What a great concept for a store.

Courtney said...

I know, I am so excited to visit this store.

R and A said...

I love Jenny Yoo's style. Beautiful dresses.

Courtney said...

Ohh. I knew you would, Angie. That magenta off-the-shoulder number gets my vote.

Sarah said...

Actually, both the Simple Silhouettes and Thread dresses come in eggplant (depending on the fabric) - they just use the word "aubergine" instead (the European word for eggplant) to make it more confusing!

Courtney said...

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for the information! I saw the "aubergine" option offered by simple silhouettes but on my computer screen it didn't look too "eggplant." Might just be my computer.

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