Be My Valentine?

It's been a week of link.love here on C Star Events.
I can't help it: my daily reads are full of brilliant things!

. . .

I am a loyal reader of Jordan's Oh Happy Day. This week she has been posting some pretty awesome Valentine's ideas: here, here, here, here, & here. Although I've been a fan of several, this one steals the cake for me.

Jordan's friend Aubrey is bursting with creativity and wants to help you send a short message to the one you love.

My Favorites:

A Valentine for Jordan because she loves parties and pretty things.
{how sweet?}

A message for her sister that she sent sky high...

To see all of Aubrey's lovely examples, or to order one for yourself, check out her site


Tina said...

these images are lovely, off to

Courtney said...

This woman is brilliant and so so creative!

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