Recession-friendly Travel

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I've been dreaming of travel for some time now.

Since Blair's post yesterday it appears to be all I'm thinking about.

I know many of us are in this same boat, whether we are dreaming of romantic getaways, honeymoons, girls' weekends, back packing trips, or just a little pampering. I also know that due to the financial situation plaguing North America, dreams might not materialize into reality. There are just too many things to be saving pennies for these days.

Many newly engaged couples are reassessing their honeymoon plans based on budget conflicts. Pushing back the date, keeping it local, or downsizing the length of stay are common ways of tackling this issue. What if you could simply save money on your trip?

Keeping this in mind, if you are able to save up a bit of travel dough, Travel Zoo is the place to maximize your [American or Canadian] dollar. If you subscribe to their weekly emails, you can receive the best bets for taking a trip, even if the destination is only hours away. [I know that sometimes all I need is to spend a night in a hotel]. Also, they post new finds daily so it pays to visit often.

If you're itching to travel and are open to the destination, you may become inspired through Travel Zoo. Otherwise, it will fuel your travel dreams with images of sandy beaches, cruising luxury, and spa indulgence.

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Bon Voyage.

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