For Ryan: Cuff Bling

Ryan is on the market for some unique cuff links for his upcoming nuptials. I am a huge fan of Grooms expressing their individual style in clever ways; cuff links are a perfect way of adding a punch of personality into a traditional tuxedo ensemble.

Today I browsed Etsy and pulled some of my favorites to give him an idea of what's out there. Let me know what you think.

. . .

In your Wedding Colours
Some Olive & Eggplant lovelies

Clockwise from top left: taragilchrist [$35], Artdefleur [$20], mannmadedesigns [$39], mediumstomasses [$42]

In your Motif
Rustic Birds and Words of Victorian Poetry

Clockwise from top left: TillyBloom [$15], ardent1 [$100], blockpartypress [$25], carrytales [$49]

To Mark your World Travels
From Thailand to Disneyland and everywhere in between

Clockwise from top left: AnneHolman [$105], dlkdesigns [$24], sherrytruitt [$60], tinyminds [$22]

Your Monogram
and a secret PS: I love you message

Clockwise from top left: EternallyLinked [$48], lotusjewelrystudio [$65], qacreate [$19.99], smashing [$85]

When in Doubt
Wear your Heart on your Sleeve

Bellamodaartist [$15.25]


Ryan said...

The one's with the bird stamped into them are AMAZING! I also like the simplicity of the one's that are green with the black stripe, and the purple glass one's as well...it's tough to beat those bird stamped ones tho! On a side note, that peom is from the poetry class we took together with Everton! And I wrote my essay on it!

Courtney said...

No Way. That's nuts. I couldn't even explain why I bookmarked that one. [Must be the English Major in me]. I can't believe it. What are the odds?!

I'm glad you liked the bird ones. I knew you would. They just happen to be the most expensive, but hey: I like your taste.

Blair said...

Oh, wow you found some great ones! I am partial to the hearts:)

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