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{gorgeous photo by the amazing Arnaud Bertrande via we heart it}

I can't believe the final hours of 2009 are winding down.
This past year has been full of so many changes in my.little.life and - although it was sometimes stressful - I will look back on oh-nine fondly.


Something we always want to manipulate: more time, less time, stretch time out, slow time down...

Time is also something that marches on and continues whether we're ready for it to or not.

Part of my growth over the past year has enabled me to respect time more and enjoy life in the moment. There are some things I can change and some things I can't; the beauty is found in realizing each individual moment - planned or unplanned - is part of the journey.

Keeping time in mind, why not use it to decorate for the holiday that celebrates it best?


{Happy Housewife Living Life}

{Taste of Home}

I'm off to find all of the clocks, watches, and timepieces I can find in our house to adorn the table.for.two (a very low key NYE for B and I is in order this evening).

As the last few hours of this year draw to a close, I wish you happy thoughts and warm wishes, blog world.

Cheers to Auld Lang Syne.

Be safe.




The inbetween.

I hope you enjoyed the days leading up to Christmas and that you are still rockin'-and-rollin' in the days before New Years eve. I always find this week to be anti-climactic: I'm coming down from my Christmas high and prepping for/stressing over the inevitable New Year's festivities.

Since we're kicking it low key this year, I'm enjoying some family time, some working time, and some fun time.

. . .

I spent my Christmas holiday...

{print by honey & bloom}

I'm going to dance around our.first.christmas.tree a couple more times before we take it down...

{chez moi}

One of My New Year's Resolutions is to ...

{image found on painted faces, an awesome collection}

How do you cope with the inbetween?

What are you doing this week? How long do you keep your Christmas decorations up? What are your New Years plans? Are you planning any 2010 Resolutions?


Letters to Santa

{Notecards by happy deliveries can be found here}

The week of Christmas is here. Already. Prepared?
{Neither am I}

I'm trying to keep the holiday stresses at bay and enjoy the season. B. and I opened our stockings tonight in an early-Christmas-celebration. We're heading up the hill to go outdoor skating & play some shinny tomorrow evening and I travel to Vancouver on Wednesday for 4-days-of-holiday-fun.

Seriously... Christmas? Friday? How did that happen?

I wanted to post an awesome Christmas-DIY idea to share with the special little ones in your life, courtesy of my most-favourite-kindergarten-teacher: my oh-so-amazing auntie G.

The ritual of writing letters to Santa may have evolved over the years [did you know that you can email Santa?] but I am a fan of putting pen to paper and practising the art of letter writing.

There are many standardized "insert-your-child's-name-here" style of Santa "responses." This one takes the cake {selon moi}.

Frozen Letters:

Before giving the writer their Santa response, place it in a zip lock freezer bag and in the freezer overnight. When you give it to them it will be ice cold (as Santa mail arrives directly from the North Pole, of course)!

It's known to be a huge hit and something I will do when I have wish-listers of my own. How fun!

I hope you are all able to complete your to do lists in time to enjoy some holiday festivities. If you can't, just remember that sometimes the best memories are the ones made during "life happens" moments vs. "this would look good in photos" moments.



I flipped when I saw ban.do's new bridal collection featured on snippet & ink last week and I've been dreaming of feathers, bows, and crystals ever since. Any piece from this collection would be the perfect addition to a bride's {or an entire bridal party's} attire which is both glamorous & unique.
*Cough* Jen! *Cough*

Several of my favourites...

{no. 10}

{no. 24}

{no. 89}

More of their drool-worthy collection can be found here.


Sunday Sweetness {x}

{whitebox weddings}

Ohhh New York, how I love you.

I can't wait go back to this fantastic city; however, in the meantime I check out whitebox weddings to get my love-in-NYC fix.

This couple, visiting from Spain, hired Mel & Sara {the talented team at whitebox} to capture some fun shots while in Manhattan for their honeymoon. A Honeymoon Shoot, how clever!? I love the idea of having a collection of fantastic photos in a new city. *Noted.

See the rest of the shots here and the rest of whitebox weddings' work here.


Rainy day beautiful

I am in love... with a wedding.

I've been staring at this wedding featured over at Once Wed for an exorbitant amount of time and finally decided I needed to post a few of the amazing photos so you can head over there and enjoy it, too.

Do not be deceived: this is not a spread from Vogue. The bride is adorable, the groom handsome, and the rain simply adds to the rustic charm.

Have you ever seen such a more glamorous, more beautiful barn wedding?

Find more at Once Wed here + here.


Naughty or Nice?

I love the holidays because it's the perfect excuse to be playful, have fun, and find your 'inner child' (although it's not hard to find for some of us. Any excuse, right?)

I love these fun gift tags and stationary and I think anyone (naughty or nice) would get a kick out of receiving one.

"You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I'm telling you why..."

{Naughty or Nice tags by Paper Eclectiques}

I would love to have a drawer of both of these tags that I could use accordingly in the days leading up to Christmas. How sweet would it be to leave a "nice" tag with the cashier at your local supermarket after she was yelled at by the unhappy woman in front of you (& it would be difficult to not to slip a "naughty" tag into one of that woman's bags.) Just saying...

{Nice + Naughty tags from Ruby Victoria}

In all seriousness, I hope you are able to slow down and appreciate the people around you - naughty or nice - this holiday season. ho ho ho.


Holiday Party Style: His and Hers

I came across this photo of Diane Kruger + Joshua Jackson this morning on People.com and couldn't help but notice their fantastic 40's style.
The classically polished style of the 40's is the perfect inspiration for holiday party wear.

Two Words: Frank Sinatra. The impeccable style of this crooner has transcended decades for a reason. There’s nothing more classic then a well-tailored suit [and the hat and vest to go with it]! Add a pocket watch and/or a trench coat and you’re well on your way, gentlemen. In the [spot on] words of Frank, himself, “you’ve either got or you haven’t got style, [and] if you’ve got it you stand out a mile.”

Red lips, pin curls, simple eye makeup, laced, buttoned, or buckled heels and a classically-cut dress establish a style that is chic and timeless. Add a pair of gloves and/or a bold hairpiece and you’re golden, ladies. Style mantra, in the words of the queen, herself, “Fashion fades, only style remains the same” - Coco Chanel.

Wishing you all a happy + safe holiday party season.


Sunday Sweetness {ix}

{Sloan Photographers}

How fun is this photo?
The use of reflection and colour are used so perfectly.

I am enthralled with everything about this wedding by Sloan Photographers: her dress, his shirt & tie, the venue, the way they look at each other with such familiarity and love...
the list goes on and on.


The portfolio of this talented husband-and-wife-team can be found on their website and blog. (They also have an amazing portrait collection).


Cranberry Love

I love the look, the colour, the taste, and the smell of this Christmas fruit
[facts, tips and techniques listed here].

These berries [real or faux] look lovely floating in water with flowers or in vases with candles and provide a festive punch of colour to create a cheap-yet-stunning holiday centerpiece.

They also add the perfect tartness to a sweet champagne cocktail [recipe].

There's nothing better then the sweet smell of cranberry: a warm and welcoming scent for the holiday season. My favourite is the Body Shop's Cranberry which comes as a scented oil or candle and is perfect for holiday parties.

Update: 12.11.09

Vancouverites: you can enjoy the amenities of the Cranberry Spa on Robson Street. [Check out their Holiday Specials: a fabulous gift idea].

{Cranberries Spa}

What is your favourite holiday scent?


Simple Christmas Decor

As a huge fan of anything "twig" related (I have seasonal twigs that I replace accordingly), I adore this decor option courtesy of Canadian House and Home.

This spread fits perfectly with my affinity for simple holiday style. I've stocked up on monochromatic baubles this year to use in various rooms of our home for a touch of Christmas-whimsy.

What is your favourite decor style or material to decorate with?

Deck your halls

Oh etsy, how I love thee.

Today's post is a collection of my favourite ornaments found on this highly addictive site. Being our first Christmas in our own place, I've found myself enthralled with Christmas decor of all kind, particularly tree d├ęcor.

These are [a few of] the ornaments I’ve “favourited” on etsy over the last month. If you pray really hard to the postal gods you may be able to order and receive them before the 25th. Otherwise, stock up for next year!

. . .

I would be lying if I said the bird-infused motif of R&A’s wedding didn’t leave a soft spot on my heart. For this reason, I am particularly fond of bird-inspired ornaments. (Angie, this set is for you. Xo).

{Clockwise from top left: my little nest ornament from pillow happy; bird ornament/sachet by moontea artwork; personalized bird ornaments by TK Designs; 2009 commemorative dove by paloma's nest; vintage bird by little edith bee; bird in flight by shelby design; and vintage music paper bird by repurposed antiques}

As a lover of weddings, I enjoy this set of “first Christmas” ornaments.

{Clockwise from top left: Amorette by debra sue; our first Christmas snowflake by aphrodite's canvas; silhouette by EclisseCreazioni; wedding cake and engagement ring cookie ornaments by sweet vanilla bean; first Christmas by SarEi; ziper heart by bogate; and custom text tile by paloma's nest}

This series of themed ornaments is particularly sweet. [I think any of the following ornaments would be a lovely gift].

{Clockwise from top left: bunch of stars by quotes and notes; vintage gold bows by sauce for the goose; 3 24k gold dipped leaves by Lu's Boutique; 2 golden acorns by stacey winters; personalized dog bones by sunshine ceramics; christmas trees by emerge design; cocktail dresses by tweedy lane; stocking by bloom and barnacle; Custom Silhouette by 'ohana by lea; and fortune cookie by yoga goat}

Although themed ornaments are adorable, there’s nothing prettier than a simple round ornament on a tree branch. I love these modern twists on the classic bauble.

{Clockwise from top left: vintage glass ornament by sauce for the goose; spun ornament by Jenny Bland; Guinea Fowl Feather Ball by maka le wakan; sequin ornaments by wicked pen; christmas baubles by olivia bossy; winter white ornament by m golden; and winter forest ornament by finch designs}

I hope you have enjoyed hanging the stockings by the chimney with care and decking your halls with boughs of holly [and other festive adornments]!


Sunday Sweetness {viii}

Him + Her

{Joseph and Jaime}

Although a wedding is a celebration of two individuals (& their two families) coming together, I love photographs that showcase the bride + groom separately. This pair of images captures two beautiful and unique expressions so brilliantly.

. . .

I was recently introduced to Joseph and Jaime's photography and became an instant fan. Based out of Toronto, this husband & wife team has amassed a fabulous collection of wedding, fashion, portrait, and polaroid photography. [Check out their blog for updates].


Ryan and Angela, the Shoot

I hope you enjoy the second instalment of Ryan and Angela's September wedding as much as I do.

Today's selections come from the wedding party photo shoot on Burnaby Mountain and at the Simon Fraser University Campus. This hilltop is both near and dear to R&A's hearts. I share this sentiment with my fellow alum and love this opportunity to prove to all of the "SFU-campus-haters" that angular concrete buildings can be beautiful.

The brilliant photography is again brought to us by the amazing Miranda Karkling and her fantastic partner in crime, Jason Nicholls. This pair traipsed all over Burnaby Mountain with the fantastic wedding party in tow, using the gorgeous landscape (& the odd prop) as inspiration.

{Click photo to enlarge}

I love these totem poles - it makes for such a unique juxtaposition against the wedding couple.

Clearly the groom's entourage enjoyed the totem poles, too.

Their wedding party was beyond awesome.
Note: the obligatory lunging shot.

Simply stunning.

The girls had some fun, too.

Groomsmen that double as bouncers; if only every groom could be this lucky.

The best-dressed couple on campus.

A woman after my own heart, Angie requested photos in the University library. I just love the sweetness of their embrace against the rows of books.

A couple of dramatic group shots (I'm in love with both and think either would be amazing printed 11x7 with a large matte)

Lecture Hall was never this fun.

(I love that the "eggplant" lecture hall seats matched your colour palette so perfectly, guys).

... and they lived happily ever after.

Photo shoot Honor Roll:

Photography: Miranda Karkling [mirandakarkling@gmail.com] and Jason Nicholls
Location: Simon Fraser University, Burnaby Mountain Campus & The Rose Garden at Burnaby Mountain

Up Next... the Reception.
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