wedding project [two]: the boutonnières

The second wedding DIY project is completed in full: hurray!



Originally inspired by this boutonnière, I played around with size, shape, and assembly logistics, eventually coming up with similar yet smaller version. As an added bonus, this project was easier and more cost-effective than I had imagined.

The pièce de résistance was the black and white guinea hen feather. Once I sourced a package of these beauties from Pegasus 22's etsy shop the remaining elements fell into place. The stems of the faux pink berries (from Michael's craft store) were originally green; however, I didn't like how they looked with the pink, black, white, and grey, so I painted over them with a brown Sharpie paint pen. A bit of extra florist wire was used to secure the bottoms, the ribbon was then affixed with hot glue gun.

Although it remains to be seen how easy these will be to pin to the suit jackets, they're quite pretty to look at.

up next:

I've acquired a bit more canvas for the table runners (thanks to my future mother-in-law, Lin, for running across the boarder on a craft mission) and once the remaining fabric and lace have been purchased the table runners will be a completed project.

Also, the vases are almost complete (I have several more to add to my collection and paint); more photos and details to come.

Finally, I returned to Kamloops last weekend with several amazing window panes (complete with original glass). These beauties are resting in my office, waiting to be sanded, windex-ed, and prepped for our guest list.

1, 2... Go!


The Lumineers, Ho Hey

Hurray. The weekend is here! The last seven days was a blur: I celebrated a birthday, enjoyed the company of some amazing friends and a couple of crazy dogs in wine country BC, completed a wedding project, started a couple of new projects, caught up with an old friend, and - at one point - slept for 27 hours straight. Needless to say, I'm well rested and full of love and happiness. When my sweet friend Angie sent me the link to this music video this morning, it was the icing on the birthday cake.

Thanks for an amazing week, friends. Enjoy your weekend!

Wish List: Anthro Edition

Let me preface this post by stating that if I could register at Anthropologie I would. I have a seemingly endless wish list that is typically made up of adorable pieces from their house & home section (& clothing & accessories & so on & so forth).

Here are the eight items at the top of my list:

  1. Taste-Test Recipe Book
  2. Symbology Trivet
  3. If You Wash, I'll Dry Dishtowel
  4. Celestial Coaster Set (seafoam)
  5. Potted Butter Dish
  6. Home At 7, Dinner At 8: 100 Satisfying Suppers On The Table In An Hour Or Less
  7. Latte Bowls (seafoam)
  8. Crossed Spoons Plate Stand

We're in the process of giving our tiny kitchen a freshening up and our accent colour is seafoam. I also want to incorporate a few pops of red so I'm clearly gravitating to this palette. I'm not one for "matchy-matchy" and our taste is quite random eclectic so this collection would fit in perfectly. 

Does your house have a wish list?

(images courtesy of Anthropologie). 


It's Always Something, Gilda Radner

This book left me with so much more than its (thrifted) $1.99 price tag may suggest.

I was introduced to Gilda Radner's work at a young age and immediately admired the cast of characters she introduced to SNL as an inaugural cast member (if you're not already familiar with these clips do yourself a favour and find them).

Gilda's story - told in her own, honest, words - is heartbreaking but altogether inspiring. I found myself savouring each chapter. On one hand, I didn't want to reach the end of the book because I knew the outcome of Gilda's courageous fight with ovarian cancer; on the other hand, I felt the book was like a great conversation shared with a friend that takes you into the early hours of the morning. Even though you know it inevitably has to wrap up, you'd love nothing more than the chance to keep talking.

{have a great book to suggest or one you'd love to discuss? drop me a line, I'd love to chat. also, check out the new book club portion of the blog & weigh in with your feedback and favourites.} 


reception questions

Although I'm fond of everything to do with this wedding, the blank notebooks that the couple left on each table immediately caught my attention.  Booklets containing prompting questions such as "what's your funniest memory of us?" and "what should we name our children?" were left at each table for guests to respond in and pass around.  A simple project to assemble with results I'm sure they will cherish for years to come (not to mention a great icebreaker for guests to get to know each other).

(photos by Ruettgers Photography, booklets designed by Laura Brown {the bride's sister}, wedding feature on Style Me Pretty).


a pretty party.

Although flair and grandeur have their place, some parties are best kept simple.  Minimalist decor in a spring palette, a yummy menu of finger foods, and an open & inviting space are a recipe for a laughter-filled afternoon, in my opinion.  Each detail of this going away brunch (planned & executed by Jennifer Hagler of A Merry Mishap) delights me; it's the perfect inspiration for an upcoming shower that will be happening around these parts.

(Photos courtesy of A Merry Mishap. Visit the blog to see more photos from this brunch).


Votive Design

I am so into this votive installation by Joy Thigpen (captured by Jose Villa).  It is such a unique, beautiful, and cost-effective way to incorporate depth and design to transform a space from 'every day' to 'special event.'  Visit Joy Thigpen's blog and Once Wed (here + here) for more photos from this gorgeous wedding.

(Photos by Jose Villa via Once Wed).


on falling, gracefully...

It was a weekend of movement.  Ben and I travelled to Kelowna on Saturday so I could meet with a fabulous couple at their wedding venue and finalize the details of their July nuptials (so excited to share more on this) and we walked with the Daoust Nuts in the Kamloops MS Walk on Sunday!  Meanwhile, in Vancouver, my run-forest-run sister ran the BMo Marathon in under 4 hours. No big deal.

Ben and I took Bauer for a hike at our favourite park on Sunday afternoon and I proceeded to scrape up my leg and then slide/ trip/ stagger before rolling my (previously injured) ankle.  5 minutes later.  Thank goodness my dress is long.

I have several awesome posts lined up for this week so pop back over.  In the meantime, if you need me, I'll be in bed with an elevated & iced ankle.


meet our photographers: Adrian Photography

When B and I moved to Kamloops one of my first "to do's" was to network with people in the Okanagan wedding industry.  As fate would have it, Jon + Jenny Adrian crossed my path and agreed to meet with me to chit-chat about the comings and goings of their industry.  They invited me to their home for coffee and after a couple of hours I left knowing I had met two very special people.  Three years later, I'm ecstatic to call them our wedding photographers and - more importantly - friends. 

Last Sunday my two B's and I spent the afternoon laughing with the two J's on Okanagan Lake.  They also managed to take the odd photo of our little family and Ben and I are so thrilled with the results.  A big, big, heartfelt thank you to Jon + Jenny for being so awesome.

Visit Jon + Jenny's site for more of this session and their contact information.  They're also on facebook should you "like" their work.


Graffiti6, Free

In the event your week needs a punch of energy, have a listen to this catchy track by the adorable Graffiti6.  I promise it will make you want to dance around your house/ office/ block like a Viagra commercial.  I can't get this beat out of my head.


(Graffiti6 on iTunes).

wedding project [one]: the napkins.

It is with great joy that I announce I have completed a wedding project.  In full.  The napkins have been measured, cut, ironed, serged, ironed again, and now reside in a beautiful pile of completion.




I envisioned our napkins as a bold pop of colour against an otherwise neutral tablescape; however, after searching locally for several weeks, it became clear that the amazing patterned fabric I dreamt of wouldn't be so easy to find.  Enter: my fiance, who cleverly diffused a bridal meltdown with his suggestion of etsy.

It didn't take long before I stumbled across Bobbie Lou's Fabric Factory: the answer to my (bridezilla) prayers.  The shop is full of many-a-patterned fabric, one of which being the coral chevron print I had imagined.  I liaised with the shop's owner, Chelsea, and delightfully received a hefty box of zig-zag fabric.  Success.

To be economical and sustainable, my intention was to make the fabric go as far as possible and, as per the measurements of the fabric, decided 14" x 14" was the perfect size for our napkins.  Although somewhat smaller than "traditional" napkins, I decided they are sufficient for the casual nature of our reception. (Furthermore, it helps that the edges are serged rather than finished with a folded edge, subsequently maximizing the surface area of each napkin).  Each napkin has been tri-folded and pressed, ready to be arranged on the tables, 4 months from now.


I must thank my Grandma who serged and pressed a pile of 100 cut napkins whilst listening to Canucks games in her sewing room; my cuzzies Nick (pictured) & Kirsten were there for moral support.  Her work and one-week turnaround period makes my serged pile of 56 look rather insignificant.  Thanks, Grandma!

up next:

I am really pleased with how the napkins turned out.  This project was a great re-introduction into sewing.  On that note, I'm currently doing just that: sewing table runners!  Unfortunately, I only purchased enough fabric for 12 of the 17 runners I required so - needless to say - this one is categorized as "in progress."  Lesson learned: trust your own math and don't get distracted by the cute fabric attendant.

I'm also fiddling around with the boutonnieres so expect an update on those this month, too.

Onward and upward.... Go!


spring fun: coral.

It's no secret that I'm continuously inspired by all things coral.  Here are a few of my favourite (coral) things:

1. fun bags for weekend getaways and trips to the beach
2. pretty bowls to hold trinkets or adorn dressing tables
3. leather moccasins to add a punch of colour to a neutral outfit
4. letterpress thank you cards to acknowledge thoughtful gestures
5. a light organic tee with my favourite pattern
6. library cards to keep my books organized
7. confetti garland. because one never knows when a party is going to start.

what colour have you gravitated to this season?

(Images courtesy of etsy shops Made by Nanna, Up in the Air Somewhere, Santoki Vintage,  Akimbo, Jessalin Beutler, Knot and Bow, Kristina Marie).

Bits + Pieces of Springtime

Oh, hey.  I'm back.  I took an impromptu week off of blogging to get things in order, off line.  I then realized that - try as I might - that's not going to happen (I'm much more organized in my head).  It's spring time which means I'm distracted by everything: a hallway of balloons as a birthday surprise for B, pretty spring flowers atop my mantle, and the blue blue sky, to name a few.

I've been plugging away at wedding projects (check back tomorrow for a status update) and attempting to get things in order.  Today is the four month countdown to our wedding which simultaneously makes me dizzy, smile, and sick to my stomach, in the best way possible. I have some fun wedding posts lined up so - I promise - more on this soon.

I hope your week is going well.  Mine has been messy, but then again...

(Poster by Amanda Catherine Designs).
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