Happy New Year

2010. This goodbye is bitter sweet.

The past week has been a busy one (and is the reason for the lack of post-Christmas-posts). I'm going to hit the ground running as we roll into 2011 - it has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? 2011.

B & I are hosting a 1920's-Boardwalk Empire-themed party to bid 2010 adieu. Ten of our fabulous friends are making the snowy trek up from the coast!!! It should be one for the books.

I hope you all have a safe and altogether lovely New Years Eve. It's been real, 2010. Cheers.

Photo by Miranda Karkling.


Happy Christmas Eve Eve

Wow. Where did this week go? There were so many things I wanted to post before Christmas and I'm almost out of time. The last few days have been spent cleaning, baking, packing, wrapping, and shopping in anticipation of our trip down to Vancouver today!

If I don't make it back to blogland before the twenty-fifth, I want to take a moment to say that I hope you all have a happy and safe Christmas. I am so thrilled with where my blog journey has taken me over the last year and I am so luck to have met some fantastic people. I appreciate all of your support - those that know me personally and those who read the blog on occasion. Your comments and emails put a smile on my face daily.

Happy Christmas, all.

With Love,


Photo: Our 2010 Christmas Card.


An eco-fabulous wreath.

As I previously mentioned, Vancouver's body politic has one of the prettiest wreaths around. They've just shared a few shots of this year's holiday decor on their facebook page and the store looks absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to visit during my Christmas trip to Vancouver.

Follow up note: Check out the rest of the decorations on bp's blog.



There is SO much holiday goodness going on this weekend - the last weekend before Christmas! I hope you all enjoy the comings and the goings of your weekend and that you spend some time dancing around your Christmas tree (or just dancing in general, if you prefer). Press play on this little video and enjoy.

Happy Friday, luvvies.

Silver + Gold

During the holidays many of us naturally gravitate to metallics and sparkles. This year, I've found myself particularly smitten with anything silver & gold. The following are some of my favourites that I've flagged over the last few weeks that would be perfect gifts or embellishments to deck your halls, tables, or selves!

Are you gravitating towards a specific colour or palette this season?

{SILVER} Single Image: Ornaments. Clockwise from top left: wine/ champagne ice bucket; Tarnish Stone Station Bangles; OPI Swiss Collection; pinecone place card holder; square table; Glacia Bird.

{GOLD} Single Image: Tablescape. Clockwise from top left: Wishbone (via coco + kelley); Etch Pendant (via Rue); Twirl Bow Cuff; Edible Gold Stars (via Oh Happy Day); Short Gold Tumblers.


Could I have this (swing) dance?

This couple surprised their entire reception with their first dance: a swing dance.

I LOVE it.

The rest of their wedding is pretty fantastic, as well. Check it out.

Photo by Michele M. Waite via 100 layer cake.

Gift Wrapping: Fabric

Moving right along with more holiday-themed posts (I do hope you understand how much I love this time of year)... in addition to repurposed embellishments, there are many creative ways to wrap and adorn your gifts. One of my favourite, sustainable, options is fabric!

Poppytalk featured this awesome DIY gift wrapping project by Arounna of Bookhou and I just LOVE how it turned out.

If I received such a pretty package I would be tempted to turn the wrapping into a pillow case. It's fantastic.

DIY, here.

Photos by bookhou via poppytalk.

Holiday Craft: Yarn Ball + Ornament Wreath

I found it very difficult this year to find the perfect wreath for our newly painted door. I ended up selecting a 'natural faux' (yes, this is the oxymoron of the year) evergreen number in the meantime; however, I'm still on the lookout for a more unique option.

The yarn ball and ornament wreath tutorial featured over at life through the lense captured my attention. Although this beauty would be hung indoors (yarn wouldn't react too well to the cold Kamloops winter) it has a spot on my craft to-do list. Now, whether I tackle that list in its entirety is another question...

Click here for the tutorial.

While we're on the topic... if you're in the neighbourhood of Main + E 12th in Vancouver, make sure you stop by body politic. Their homemade wreath is out of this world.

Photo via life through the lense.


Adorn Your Desktop

Just in case your desktop is in need of a festive pick-me-up, check out these fabulous (+ free!) holiday desktop wallpapers that you will not get sick of before the end of the week.

Check out fossil (top image) and [i] Love Life (bottom image) for more awesomeness. Thank you to the artists for spreading the holly jolly love.

Holiday Craft: Felt Wreath + Garland

It's Holiday Craft Time again, and these two beauties utilize one of the season's most popular materials: felt!

The gorgeous array of felt ornaments, garlands, and wreaths seen in this year's holiday displays and decor collections assert the fact that felt is no longer reserved for juvenile craft projects.

Case in point: this colourful wreath by Pickles (featured on poppytalk). I love these little felt balls; the creative possibilities seem endless.

I instantly fell in love with this fun garland from Anthropologie's Holiday Collection and I was equally as excited when I saw that Jordan Ferny had put together a mini DIY tutorial to create the lovely version seen below.

These projects would be so much fun to complete (I LOVE all of the colours)! They would also add the perfect touch of whimsy to your holiday displays.

For another holiday craft project, click here.

Photos via Poppytalk + Oh Happy Day


Gift Wrapping: Embellishments

Growing up, I would always beg my mum to let me wrap the gifts (coincidentally, she's not a fan of wrapping so our arrangement worked out brilliantly). Since honing this skill at a young age, I'm always on the look out for new & creative wrapping options; the idea of re-purposing materials from around the house makes me very happy.

Vintage Pins, Hair Clips + Shoe Slips - Old Cards - Reused Paper

Beads and Buttons - Ornaments - Greens + Feathers

These packages are so pretty. Do you use any unique materials to wrap your gifts? I love using old cards for gift tags and I've been having a lot of fun using ribbons, staples, sparkles, and reused papers to craft them this year.

These photos make me want to pick up a roll of craft paper.

Designs by the BBB Craft Sisters via Design Sponge.


Guest Posts + Big Love.

Psst... I was given the opportunity to write two holiday guest posts for one of my favourite blogs: The Anthology. (I'm over the moon).

Check out posts one + two.

I have to extend a larger-than-life thank you to the ever-fashionable, ever-eloquent, Kelsey. I highly suggest you follow her blog and while you're at it, check her out on twitter.

Happy Friday, all.

Top photo via The Anthology.


Pond Skating

I love winter.
I love snow, I love hot chocolate, I love family time, and I especially love winter parties that combine all of these elements into one afternoon of skating + fun.

An afternoon spent twirling around an outdoor skating rink followed by an evening of sweet treats around the campfire? That sounds like perfection in my mind.

I especially enjoy how easily this activity could be adapted to include the whole family. (The sweater-clad sweeties featured here look like they are having oodles of fun).

. . .

For some wintery fun of your own, check out my favourite places to skate out of doors:

Sun Peaks (Kamloops) - Robson Square (downtown Vancouver) - Grouse Mountain (Vancouver) - Green Lake (Whistler)

Photos by Geneve Hoffman via The Sweetest Occasion.

Pinecones + Paper Chains.

I am in full on "craft mode" as of late and my over-functioning-under-rested head is bursting at the seams with ideas + projects + good things (if only there were more hours in a day). I have decided that it is imperative that I prioritize these projects to ensure all of the "must haves" and "need to do's" are completed. A girlfriend and I spent Wednesday evening re-watching the Glee Christmas episode and assembling these pretty little paper chains (a throw back to my younger years) for the NYE party that I keep referring to. Sometimes the simplest of decor packs the most punch.

What special goodies have you crafted/baked/assembled this holiday season?



Creative inspiration for your Wednesday afternoon.

Photo via Blog by The Cross.

Reindeer Love.

So it's settled. I need a ceramic animal head over my fireplace + I'm particularly smitten with this one. Don't you think it is just the most perfect winter mantle? Love the white on white.

Photo by Sandra Aslaksen via decor8.

Holiday Craft: Snow Globes

There is something so transfixing about falling snow. Children and adults, alike, enjoy watching it fall and cover things like a blanket. It is no wonder why snow globes are one of the most beloved Christmas toys around.

What a fun project this would be. I wish my littlest cousin lived closer so she and I could assemble little holiday vignettes.

Let it snow.

. . .

Update: 2010-12-12

This etsy shop has some amazing cup cake toppers that would work brilliantly in these DIY globes!

Instructions + Photo via Martha Stewart


Holiday Decor: White Christmas

I love white Christmas decor, especially when styled against a monochromatic backdrop and paired with silver.

I am on the hunt for a front door wreath in this style (the one featured here is from The Cross).

Sometimes less is more is indeed the case. This skinny tree is accentuated perfectly with the fluffy feather boas (such a playful touch). Sprigs of greenery are an easy and cost effective way of adding a festive punch. I really like the look of the smaller bunches arranged on the mantle and in the vase.

I'm really digging the cherry blossom lights (from here) and although I think they'd be fun any time of year, they are particularly festive when paired with a few pinecones and a white linen table cloth. Easy-peasy. I've noticed that this year is all about trees that are smaller than 'average' or much larger than 'average.' I think smaller trees look great when placed atop a table (not to mention the fact that it makes it far easier to vacuum/dust underneath). To me, the birch branches are the icing on the cake. I'm still deciding where I'm going to perch the branches I acquired over the Thanksgiving long weekend.

Do you decorate with white? Why or why not?

All photos via Canadian House + Home.

long weekend love + chilly homecomings

B + I had a wonderful weekend. The concert was perfect, the coffee, delicious. The shopping was fun + exciting + productive. (We didn't finish our shopping completely; however, we're so close to being finished and that makes me happy). Every time I visit Seattle I am reminded of why it is the setting of so may films and television shows. It's gorgeous. It's creative. It's unique. It's festive. The downtown core is magical this time of year (just check out that tree)!

The only 'flop' of the entire weekend was that upon returning home, we were met with a thermostat that read 7 degrees. Broken furnaces are not the best 'welcome home' present. One Courtney-Ben-and-Bauer cuddle session around the fireplace and a newly acquired space heater later, we were good to go. I think I must have convinced myself that we were camping. In December.

The furnace-fixers are en route this morning and we are hoping to have this place toasty again by the evening. As promised, watch for holiday-palooza to begin on the blog this week. Until then, excuse me while I warm myself by my morning coffee. (Note: The double-walled thermos I purchased from Starbucks a couple of years ago proves to be one of my best finds yet).


Road Trips, Rocking Out, and Holiday Goodness.

B + I are off to Washington to take in the Black Crowes concert tomorrow night and - needless to say - I'm SUPER excited about it. Along the way we plan to shop 'till we drop, have coffee at Pike Place, and sing a carol or two. Alright, that last one will mostly be me.

I'm in full on Christmas mode and I'm planning on using our car ride to make a list + check it twice. (Hoping to have my Holiday shopping COMPLETE after this weekend). I have A TONNE of Holiday fun to share with you next week. Until then... you should probably press play on this video, turn up the volume on your computer speakers, and Rock Out to the Crowes. Go!


Deck the Halls...

Is it an unwritten rule that December first marks the official start of the full-tilt-balls-out holiday season? Although this year I felt like "Christmas time" came very early, I am now officially in elf-mode.

So... in case today marks the day that you start your holiday-palooza/decorating/card writing/ shopping/good-deed-doing, here are a few links that may be of interest to you.

Image via coco + kelley.
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