Summer Appetizers

I use the long days of summer as an excuse to make + eat food. all day. During the summer months B and I typically share one meal a day: a late dinner. The rest of the time we're enjoying snacks that we've thrown together, picked up, stopped in for, or - my favourite - guests have stopped in with. This year I am attempting to broaden my arsenal of go to's. These four delicious treats are at the top of my list as they incorporate the herbs that are surprisingly still growing I am currently growing in my garden.

bon appetit.

a redesigned caprese salad.

crispy sweet potato fries (& dip).

watermelon balsamic appetizer.

grilled shrimp with cilantro, lime, and peanuts.

Are you cooking this long weekend? What are your go to's?

(Photos & Recipes via The Party Dress, the Art of Doing Stuff, Show Food Chef, and Martha Stewart).

kin. reunion tees

Although I thoroughly enjoyed every family reunion I attended as a child, I can safely say I never left one with a fantastic graphic tee. Actually, I'm pretty sure I left with a tie dyed tee...

Enter Angela Hardison (of seesaw designs) who has created the solution for craft-projects-gone-wrong: kin shirts.

Angela has designed a collection of customizable templates that you - in turn - have printed on to shirts for your entire family. How awesome?!

Visit the kin website to learn more about how it works and Angela's blog to follow her work.

My favourite? The bicycle built for the whole lot!

(Photos by Angela Hardison for kin.)


Bon Iver, I can't make you love me

I love Bon Iver. I love the voice, the music, and even saying the name. As soon as I heard his cover of Bonnie Raitt's I Can't Make you Love me I was smitten. I think their voices would sound magical together, don't you? Bon + Bonnie.

Summer Street Style

comfy sweater + studded bracelet + oversized tortoise shades + khaki shorts = effortless Italian cool.

(Photo via the Sartorialist).

the crane project.

body politic, my favourite Vancouver boutique, just so happens to be sustainable AND philanthropic. Seriously, could I love you any more, bp?

If you've followed c star events for a while you will know that this isn't the first time that body politic has graced a post (although typically I'm gushing about about a designer crush, a fashion event, or a DIY art project or two...) I digress.

Right now, at Main & 12th, the windows of body politic are full of colourful cranes. Although a stunning Anthropologie-esque window display in and of itself, it has been assembled for a cause.

Nicole + Mina have decided to offer these beauties in exchange for a donation to the Canadian Red Cross to assist with the relief efforts in Japan and Slave Lake, Alberta. Check out their blog or - better yet - visit the shop in person to see how you can pay it forward.


Aquamarine Sparkle

What is more fun than minty summer nails? A manicure jazzed up with Martha Stewart glitter that's what.

I can't wait to pull out my glitter and try this. Maybe this weekend...

Happy Friday, folks.

(Photos via Cupcakes and Cashmere).

Family Photos: the wardrobe.

If I had stumbled upon these photos of Gabrielle Blair's family without prior knowledge of her six (!) beautiful children, I would have assumed I was viewing the editorial spread for anthropologie's new kids line. Rather, I was viewing Design Mom's impeccably chic brood of adorable kiddos, captured - so brilliantly - by Sarah of Modern Kids Photography.

Beyond the gorgeous (film) photography, I was particularly impressed with this family's style (not to mention their ease in front of the camera). Quite often we have a hard time choosing the perfect outfit(s) for family photos, engagement shots, and other special occasions. Gone are the days of matchy-matchy, folks. Monochromatic palettes that stick within somewhat of a theme are the perfect way of looking put together without the cheese factor. Flowy beachwear and light, layered pieces are my current favourite interpretations of this look; incorporating various textures and patterns adds a personal twist.

As it is easier said shown than done, Gabrielle has provided us with her family's wardrobe details. I'm really loving the French Greys (the term she has affectionately coined for this collection) that she chose.

Do you have family photos planned for the near future? Are you finding it difficult to choose outfits?

(Photos by Sarah Wert of Modern Kids Photography via Design Mom).


summer fun: red.

As soon as it is officially "summer" I find it very difficult to stay in doors and focused at work.

How lovely it would be to throw on a new pair of TOMS, grab a friend, a blanket and a pitcher of strawberry lemonade and laugh the afternoon away in the sunshine.

Happy Thursday.

(Photos via Martha Stewart + TOMS).

Ray LaMontagne and the Pariah Dogs, Beg Steal or Borrow

Enjoy this sweet, sweet voice as you go about your Thursday morning (if one song just isn't enough, you should probably buy the album).

My sister Jenn & I get to enjoy Ray LaMontagne live in Vancouver on September 2. I cannot wait.


Animals Font

Confession: I get overly excited about fonts and typography.

While helping Matt + Jen with their wedding invites I spent a long time on dafont playing with and downloading various fonts. I stumbled across some beauties but this one takes.the.cake.

Alan Carr created this adorable collection of animals that I am already having too much fun with. The font is free and can be downloaded (through dafont), here.

If this wasn't enough, Liz (of Say Yes to Hoboken) has provided us with a DIY tutorial for freezer stencils (find it here)! The whale tee that she created is beyond cute; I can't wait to make onesies for my nephew.

Have fun!

(Font designed by Alan Carr).
(Screen shot + photos by Liz of Say Yes to Hoboken).


First Day of Summer

Dear Summer,


How I have missed your long + lazy afternoons and outdoor dinners. Your days at the beach and thrown-together-picnics. Your barbecues and badminton tournaments. Your post-work-patio-time and last minute cul-de-sac parties. Your mid-week-house-guests and long weekend road trips. I love everything about you.



Happy Summer Solstice, everyone. What are your plans for the longest day of the year?

(Photos 1, 2 + 3 via Cherry Blossom Girl).


Link With Love.

The concept accompanying the Link with Love movement is near and dear to my heart. I am so thrilled that this group of creatively inclined women have rallied together to unite, to inspire, and to educate about intellectual property.

The internet is a fantastic resource that allows ideas, images, words, songs, and film to flow freely and reach a global audience. Art is meant to be shared + enjoyed; the important take away from Link with Love is HOW to share and enjoy intellectual property responsibly.

In their own words...

LINKwithlove is about :

ACCEPTING that it is your responsibility to know better, do better and leave a legacy of internet kindness. Share the knowledge of proper use of intellectual property online.
RESPECTING the intellectual property of your own AND OTHERS. Lead by example when posting or sharing. Retain links. Post credits.
PROTECTING the rights of yourself and others by being watchful as you surf the internet. Draw attention to uncredited or unlinked work. A watchful eye is good defense against theft.

When we know better - WE DO BETTER. - Maya Angelou

Join the movement...

'Like' Link with Love on Facebook.
'Follow' Link with Love on Twitter + Pintrest.

Image by Kal Barteski for Link with Love.


Hello blog friends. Welcome to the new + improved C Star Events. I hope you enjoy what we've done with the place.

I must take a moment to thank Jessica Luch, a lovely friend and amazing graphic designer, who worked so hard to make my vision a reality. She hit the nail on the head with her graphic design, time and time again; I had a very difficult time choosing from the graphics as they were all so beautiful.

Jessica, you are fantastic. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

People who read this blog, you are also fantastic. I appreciate your patience while I re-organize, re-evaluate, and re-invent my online home. Gratzi.

Regular blog posting to follow...


Please excuse the mess...

... I'm in the process of redesigning my blog.

Things will be missing, misplaced + messy for a while but I'm hoping to have this place looking fantastic by the end of the week. (*Key word: hoping). Many thanks to this lady who has tirelessly worked her design magic. I cannot wait to unveil it. Stay tuned...

PS: All things Keri Smith are amazing. Especially this book. and this one.

Image courtesy of Keri Smith via Amazon.
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