You gotta have FRIENDS

Yes, it's still winter. Yes, it's still snowing [here]. Yes, it's beginning to get old.

That being said, last night I while watching Friends re-runs, I got the warm fuzzies when I saw Phoebe and Mike's outdoor Winter Wedding:


I had forgotten about this lovely ceremony. So sweet. ["I got married!"].

. . .

For another lovely Winter Wedding, head on over to Pearls Events to see the pretty affair Aletha has shared today.


...love Maegan said...

okay, i have seen EVERY Friends episode ...or so I thought ...when did I not see this one!? Brilliant!

Happy Friday!

Courtney said...

I know! I completely forgot about this one. So cute, though. I need more 'Phoebe' in my life.

Have a great Weekend.

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