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Angela and I fell in love with this hand-crafted jewelry at the Indie I Do show last month.

. . .

Christi York is a local jewelry designer who crafts beautiful pieces from recycled, vintage, and Eco-conscious materials.

She launched BuenoStyle in 2007 using vintage, discontinued beads from the '20s to the '80s to create limited edition one-of-a-few pieces. {Etsy Shop}

In her OAK line, Christi uses individual pieces found in various places to create exclusive, one-of-a-kind pieces. {Gallery}

Christi will also re-work jewelry you already own, such as vintage pieces you have inherited, putting a touching spin on a bride's something old & something new.

I for one love the concept and plan to get in touch with Christi next time I'm in town. For now, eyeing up her Etsy page will have to do.

. . .

My Favorite BuenoStyle Etsy listings...

Secret Love Letter Vintage Necklace, $38
So Cute: she will customize the 'letter' to read anything, including "Marry Me?"

Black Dahlia Necklace, $38

Starfish Patina Necklace, $36
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