Songs in the Key of Love, {part seven}

As the week of love-inspired songs draws to a close, I chose the following song as it caps the series off perfectly. The singer is so chill and is great live if you ever get the chance to see her. This song was written for the go-with-the-flow kind of couple and offers a simplistic yet genuine approach to all that matters: love, love, love. Enjoy.

Love Love Love, Tristan Prettyman



cause this life is a beautiful one
and though I've seen it coming undone
I know most definitely
that its gonna be you and its gonna be me

I'm smilin now
just because...

love, love, love

I couldn't say it better myself.


Melissa said...

ooh that's a nice song - I love her voice.

PS: You had mentioned you were browsing around for hair pieces for a bride and I've added some links you might want to check out (posted after your comment) - You might have already seen the resources already :)

Courtney said...

Thanks so much, Melissa. I can't wait to check them out!

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