Kelowna Photographer: Jessica Balfour

I was so excited to find Jessica Balfour's photography. Based out of Kelowna, Jessica is an accomplished photographer of life. I word it that way because she has an amazing ability to capture candid, honest, and overwhelmingly touching human emotions. Her portfolio is full of gorgeous weddings and beautiful expressions. Enjoy.

. . .

I love this shot. So playful, so fun. [Plus, a bride in flip flops is my kind of bride].

This photo encapsulates an Okanagan Wedding: the lake, the mountains, the sun, and the vineyards.

What a dress. This is one of my favorites.

Lakeside romance.

One of the reason I love Jessica's photography so much is the connection she has with children.

An amazing engagement shot, so stunning in B&W.

Thank you Jessica, for enabling me to share your beautiful work.


Anonymous said...

I love that the bride who got married near the river wore a big wedding gown. I hate the stigma that you're supposed to wear certain type of gown based on the location. If a bride wants to get married on a beach or in the country...she should be allowed to wear the most princess like gown ever :) Gorgeous photos!

Courtney said...

Don't you love that dress? It is fabulous. I was struck by its juxtaposition against the beach but you make a great point: the location does often determin the dress. I love the bride's choice in this case.

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