Watermelon Mojitos

Mojitos, my cocktail of choice, are refreshing and delicious. This is especially true when they are prepared with mint grown in your very own garden.

A few weeks ago (while working diligently on several wedding projects) my friends Sarah, Amber, and I experimented with a variation of this favourite summer drink and added watermelon. The result was near perfection.

I've had several requests for the 'official' recipe and with the long weekend approaching I thought it was the right time to share it!

Watermelon Mint Mojito

1 oz white rum
0.5 oz cane sugar syrup 
this can be purchased or made yourself
a handful of mint leaves
the juice of 1/2 - 1 lime
4-5 cubes of watermelon
club soda

rip mint leaves in two and place in bottom of glass;
squeeze lime juice into glass and add several smaller slices of lime;
muddle ingredients together;
add 0.5 oz of cane syrup, 1 oz of white rum, and ice cubes;
pour soda water over ice, stir, enjoy. 



Bar Cart Love

Ben and I recently acquired this gorgeous vintage bar cart at a thrift store for a whopping $19! Although the brass needs some love and we're having mirror cut to cover the ultra chic faux wood trays, it looks like we'll be able to make our little cart over for under $100.

I am currently infatuated with bar cart styling and have flagged this article (featured on glitter guide last week) for when ours is ready to be put to use.

If you have a bar cart in your home what do you store on it?


wedding projects [four] + [five]: table numbers + photo booth backdrop

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to enlist the help of my crafty friends Sarah and Amber to complete two wedding projects. We crossed “table numbers” and “photo booth backdrop” off the to do list while sipping on watermelon mojitos (my new favourite summer cocktail) in the Kamloops sunshine. I’m so pleased with the results and would love to share the details with you. 

details [table numbers]:

Although I initially received a few funny looks when I uttered the words "string art," my helpers were good sports and followed suit. We started with 2x6 lumber that we (literally, I mean “we”: it was a group effort) cut into pieces approximately 9 inches in length. The wood was then sanded and stained “ebony.”

We printed off each number in Gill Sans Ultra Bold font, placed the paper on top of the wood, and hammered nails along the outline. The paper was ripped off, leaving a nail ‘skeleton’ that we wove the yarn around, creating a 3D number. They turned out so nicely and I love how each one looks like a piece of modern art.

details [photo booth backdrop]:

Sarah, Amber, and I had a great time at the fabric store, throwing bolts of clearance fabric and remnants around to compile a palette of colour and texture that was just right. As fate would have it, our selections paired together perfectly; I don't think I could have envisioned a better final outcome. I'm also rather pleased to say I had no part in the assembly of this project: kudos goes to Sarah and Amber for their fabulous cutting, ripping, and knotting skills. Bravo, ladies: you are welcome back for craft time at your earliest convenience.

up next:

The table runners are finally finished (expect a post later this week) and I've completed a couple of smaller, fun projects that I'll share shortly. I also haven't posted the progress on the "string globes" that three-fifths of my bridal party helped me with last month.

The last big wedding project is the menu board; however, it is 'on hold' until I can transport the pile of salvaged wood from its current home in Delta at my dad's place to my house in Kamloops.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5... Go!


M & J, July 14, 2012

Today Marlyse & Justin are getting hitched at Cedar Creek winery, surrounded by their friends and family, overlooking the gorgeous Okanagan Lake. 

It has been my absolute pleasure to get to know them over the last few months and I wish them a life full of the happiness they exude every day.  Now it's time to party! 

Marlyse & Justin's engagement photos are courtesy of Adrian Photography.


Wedding Prep - Marlyse & Justin

Just a quick post before I hit the road for Kelowna this morning. Marlyse & Justin are getting married tomorrow, 07.14.12, and I have the honour of designing and coordinating their day. The months of planning have been an amazing experience - this couple is so special. I can't wait to watch all of our hard work (the projects above are just the tip of the iceberg) unfold before us and be present as they make it legal!

Psst... if you'd like to follow along, catch up with me on twitter (@cstarevents) and Instagram (username: cstarevents).


Name Conversation-Starter Game

Over the last couple of weeks, my life has revolved around weddings - even more than usual. When I'm not dreaming about my clients' wedding (Justin & Marlyse are getting hitched next Saturday - July 14, 2012) I'm dreaming about my own. The latest series of panic attacks have centered on the dreaded seating chart. Who do I pair with whom? What is the perfect recipe for conversation chemistry and all around good times? These rhetorical questions continue well into the wee hours of the morning...

Fortunately I have nothing to worry about: none of our guests have issues being social. That being said, when I found the templates for Martha's Name Conversation-Starter Game, I was an instant fan. Team Martha has created the perfect, non-awkward, icebreaker for tables with assigned seating. {Visit Martha Stewart Weddings for the details & templates}.

Even though we aren't having assigned seating, I am going to attempt to fit this project onto my to do list (it must be noted that did in fact laugh out loud as I typed that). Nonetheless, I think these fact sheets would spark some awesome conversations. After all, we're friends with some pretty fantastic people.

(Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings).
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