Say it with flowers

Dear Significant Others,

The following floral arrangements would delight any woman in your life, not to mention add some much-needed colour. Please take notes. Any combination of the following flowers will work nicely.


Women Everywhere

PS: We love you

. . .

Teleflora's Happy Hearts Bouquet from Davie Flowers, $51.95

Beautiful Hoya Plants available at Divine Vines Florist, starting at $14.99

A classic rose bouquet from Lilacs & Lavender, $89.95

A beautiful mixed Bouquet from the Flower Factory

. . .

Whatever your preference, budget, or method of delivery, fresh cut flowers make the perfect gift for anyone: sister, best friend, mum, grandma, or sweetheart. This gesture doesn't have to be elaborate, sometimes the most thoughtful gift is a hand written card and a single flower.

Happy Valentine's, my friends.


Melissa said...

Happy V-day!

Courtney said...

Thanks Melissa, Happy Valentine's to you as well.

Callie Grayson said...

what an adorable plant ... the hoya!
Happy Valentine's Day!

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