Red Wine, Jack Johnson, and Trips Home

TGIF + Welcome, October!

How was your first week of Autumn, my dears? I am FINALLY feeling more like myself after 7-days of feeling like a useless insomniac and this burst of energy comes just.in.time. The pup and I are heading to Vancouver for a three-day weekend filled with catch up time, a Jack Johnson concert, a baby shower, some wedding planning, a soccer game, and I'm willing to bet some red wine, too.

On that note, enjoy one of my favourite tracks from Jack's newest album To The Sea on this fine Friday Morning.

What are you up to this weekend, friends?


Victoria said...

Sounds like a great weekend in store, especially the Jack Johnson bit. I must get hold of his latest album. Enjoy.

The Anthology said...

Holy, busy! Hope you had a great weekend.


Courtney said...

Victoria - you MUST pick it up! It's fabulous.

Kelsey - it was super BUSY; however, I survived. Thanks for stopping by.

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