Long Weekend Love

This past weekend my family trucked to the Shuswap from Prince George and Vancouver to celebrate Thanksgiving at the cabin. Many-a-summer memory has been made at the cabin; however, my confession is that Autumn is my very favourite time to be there. Although I was missing the noticeably absent members of my family, B and I had a fantastic time.

After being inspired by this post I ran out to the dollar store and stocked up on sparklers. We spent Saturday evening lighting them on fire and dancing in the moonlight.

And if you're wondering what on earth we're wearing... ask my sister. She had the fantastic idea to wear the fabulous matching cord-and-canvas-jackets that have lived at the cabin since the early 70's. We're cute.

I love my family. and long weekends.


Jennifer said...

The pictures captured our fun and I think our jackets look fabulous! I was tempted to bring it home and sport it in Van... Vintage is in, ya know?
Great post, great idea and great fun!
Love you!

Courtney said...

True story about those jackets; however, I think they'd feel homesick for the cabin if we ever took them away from there.

Catherine said...

They ventured away but once and had to be spirited back before they were missed. I believe they were featured at a Polyester Party, circa late '80's or early '90's, in Victoria.
Great post and loved the weekend. Missing you...

Courtney said...

Ha Ha - I knew better than to tempt fate with those two lovelies!

Thanks for the fantastic weekend; I'm missing you both!

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