Halloween Décor, part two

If you have been reading this blog for a while you may remember my Halloween Mantra.

Long story short: it's not my favourite holiday. That being said, I've found myself getting into the Halloween spirit this year. Perhaps, it's due to all of the awesome Halloween décor + party supplies available.

I love how John and Sherry have added subtle + spooky touches to the existing décor in their gorgeous home. The "creepy bird" and monochromatic palette are understated and fit in perfectly. I really dig the look of the white carnations speckled with black paint.

Young House Love.

As Jordan has aptly pointed out, Martha has done it again. Martha - whom I have affectionately dubbed the "Queen of Halloween" - has a new line of treat bags and decorations that are adorable + fun. (I love the sparkly chandeliers and beverage labels).

Martha's ideas for Halloween costumes, crafts, parties, baking, and other treats are endless. Proof.

Martha Stewart Crafts via babble.

Speaking of parties... if you're gong to throw one, I don't think you could find a sweeter invitation than one from this collection by RIFLE. I LOVE the trick-or-treater!


So tell me, friends. How do you celebrate Halloween? Do you throw a party? Trick or Treat with the little ones? Watch scary movies with bite sized chocolate bars? Dress up and hit the town?

So far, the Halloween décor around here consists of a single pumpkin (with more to come). Stay tuned...


Catherine said...

Your single pumpkin beats my decorations - frightening really, that I've not put anything up yet. N,D and I will get on that this weekend. I like the Rifle invites...maybe D will take a hint and get organized to throw us a party this year!

Courtney said...

That would be amazing! If you threw a party - I would be there!

What's N going to be for Halloween?

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