the Bar Method

Friends, have you heard about the Bar Method?

Vancouver is the newest city to open a studio offering this core strengthening program which combines yoga, Pilates, and ballet. Bar Method classes are one hour and consist of interval-training to tone, stretch, strengthen, and shape the body.

The classes offered at the Yaletown studio are not cheap; however, the results being tweeted, published, and blogged all over the internet indicate immediate results are to be expected.

The studio is scheduled to open on October 23. If you're interested, visit the Vancouver site to pre-register and take advantage of the introductory 30-day special. I am going to try and take a class or two on one of my next trips to Van (it's times like this I wish we still lived in the lower mainland).

Is this a program that you would be interested in trying? The idea of fusing yoga, Pilates, and ballet rocks my world.

Photo Courtesy of the Bar Method Vancouver


Jennifer said...

What an attractive combination! I will join you when you take the class!
Thanks, CStar

Courtney said...


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