Halloween Décor, part three

Have you seen the Halloween shop by Pottery Barn Kids? They have a great collection of adorable costumes and party supplies and some very fun + spooky décor!

My favourites are the Crow Mobile and the ceiling web and fuzzy spiders (both of which are on sale)!

Pottery Barn kids.

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Victoria said...

My son would love this spider web. Sadly Halloween is very low key here in NL, but still he is making skeletons and pumpkin lanters to decorate his room! I'm absolutely 100% sure there will be no trick or treaters coming round, so we'll just have to buy a whole load of candy and eat it ourselves!

Angela Turner said...

Sooo I've been trying to post a pic of the halloween bunting I made on your fb wall, but turns out facebook hates me. Or Halloween. Or both. I shall try again!

I heart the crow mobile, in a big way.


Courtney said...

Victoria - I like your son's style! (And your idea of buying candy to eat all to yourselves). ; )

Ang - I can't wait to see your Halloween bunting! You're a bunting machine! Psst... when will your blog be "live"?? (and PS: I knew you'd love the crows)

Angela Turner said...

Soon soon! I don't want to start until I can do it justice! But thanks for the subtle kick in the pants! Lol. I need to get on it!

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