Boardwalk Empresses

Have you seen HBO's new 12-part Series, Boardwalk Empire? If you haven't, I highly recommend catching up; this week will be episode 3. The series is set in Atlantic City in the 20's amidst the prohibition and chronicles the gangsters who got rich off bootlegging.

The sets and wardrobe are to die for and the female characters are both flirty + fun and sweet + feminine. (The show is worth watching for their hairstyles, makeup, and outfits, alone).

This VF shoot makes me want to gather up a couple of girlfriends and spend the weekend frolicking on the beach.

See more of the photos taken by Ellen Von Unwerth for Vanity Fair (taken at the Catalina Beach Club, in New York) here. Thanks to La Dulchi Vida for the heads up on this shoot.


Dallas Shaw said...

haven't seen but love this photo?!

Courtney said...

I can't get over Gretchen Mol's dress in the last two shots (far left in the last shot). It's gorgeous.

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