Halloween Décor

Although I am not the biggest fan of Halloween [as I have already admitted], I am not one to shy away from decorating.

Immediately confronted with memories of blow up lawn pumpkins, battery-operated witches, and things that make scary noises when you walk by them, I went searching for décor-inspiration that did not evoke what I will affectionately call “the cringe factor.”

An addendum: I understand that Halloween is for children, scaring people, and orange-and-black everything. That being said, my style mantra prevents my acceptance of the cheese-aspect of this holiday. Therefore, please find the following collection of my favorite [cost-effective] ideas for
Halloween-inspired décor:

I have decided I love white pumpkins - I've seen them everywhere: magazines, online... however, I'm not sure where to find some of my own. [I'm trying the local garden centre and the Home Show this weekend - fingers crossed]. These minis [courtesy of Canadian House & Home] have been carved with small drill bits and other kitchen utensils, giving them unique rustic charm. [I've also seen larger versions with a similar design hollowed out by the bottom instead of the top and placed - safely - over candles for a lantern effect].

What would we do without Eddie Ross' fantastic tutorials on how to create amazing decorations out of simple and reasonably-priced items? This feather wreath is no exception. Take several boas, some pins, a foam wreath, a spool of thick ribbon, and voila! Simple, spooky, front door decor.

I enjoy bringing natural elements indoors, especially when paired with traditionally interior décor items like this vase: the result is fresh and unique. Whether spray painted [like the version included here] or naturally rustic, the options for twigs, sticks, or branches are endless. I also love the use of lichen for a pop of unconventional colour in Martha's example.

This photo requires no explanation, just a recipe [thank you HWTM]. I desperately want one of these sparkly skulls!

While I'm on the Halloween Train...

How do you celebrate/decorate Halloween?


Claire said...

These are cute decorations! Sending you early Happy Halloween greetings =)

Krista I said...

I love white pumpkins, too! I found some this year at Save-On and Extra Foods, believe it or not. :)

Courtney said...

Thank you for your comments, ladies! Happy (belated) Halloween to you both.

Krista - thank you! I ended up finding some. They are so dear that I am going to keep them around for as long as I can even though Halloween is over.

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