long weekend love + chilly homecomings

B + I had a wonderful weekend. The concert was perfect, the coffee, delicious. The shopping was fun + exciting + productive. (We didn't finish our shopping completely; however, we're so close to being finished and that makes me happy). Every time I visit Seattle I am reminded of why it is the setting of so may films and television shows. It's gorgeous. It's creative. It's unique. It's festive. The downtown core is magical this time of year (just check out that tree)!

The only 'flop' of the entire weekend was that upon returning home, we were met with a thermostat that read 7 degrees. Broken furnaces are not the best 'welcome home' present. One Courtney-Ben-and-Bauer cuddle session around the fireplace and a newly acquired space heater later, we were good to go. I think I must have convinced myself that we were camping. In December.

The furnace-fixers are en route this morning and we are hoping to have this place toasty again by the evening. As promised, watch for holiday-palooza to begin on the blog this week. Until then, excuse me while I warm myself by my morning coffee. (Note: The double-walled thermos I purchased from Starbucks a couple of years ago proves to be one of my best finds yet).

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