Guest Posts + Big Love.

Psst... I was given the opportunity to write two holiday guest posts for one of my favourite blogs: The Anthology. (I'm over the moon).

Check out posts one + two.

I have to extend a larger-than-life thank you to the ever-fashionable, ever-eloquent, Kelsey. I highly suggest you follow her blog and while you're at it, check her out on twitter.

Happy Friday, all.

Top photo via The Anthology.


The Anthology said...

Thank YOU, Courtney. Your ideas are so, so amazing.

I'm thinking I'm going to have to start hosting more events just so I can get spoiled rotten with hostess gifts like these.


Courtney said...

That sounds like a wise idea. ; )

Sammy said...

Thanks for all of the wonderful ideas Courtney! There are now 12 more excellent reasons for me to come over for a visit...

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