Gift Wrapping: Embellishments

Growing up, I would always beg my mum to let me wrap the gifts (coincidentally, she's not a fan of wrapping so our arrangement worked out brilliantly). Since honing this skill at a young age, I'm always on the look out for new & creative wrapping options; the idea of re-purposing materials from around the house makes me very happy.

Vintage Pins, Hair Clips + Shoe Slips - Old Cards - Reused Paper

Beads and Buttons - Ornaments - Greens + Feathers

These packages are so pretty. Do you use any unique materials to wrap your gifts? I love using old cards for gift tags and I've been having a lot of fun using ribbons, staples, sparkles, and reused papers to craft them this year.

These photos make me want to pick up a roll of craft paper.

Designs by the BBB Craft Sisters via Design Sponge.

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Jennifer said...

You'll always be the wrapping queen!

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