Holiday Craft: Snow Globes

There is something so transfixing about falling snow. Children and adults, alike, enjoy watching it fall and cover things like a blanket. It is no wonder why snow globes are one of the most beloved Christmas toys around.

What a fun project this would be. I wish my littlest cousin lived closer so she and I could assemble little holiday vignettes.

Let it snow.

. . .

Update: 2010-12-12

This etsy shop has some amazing cup cake toppers that would work brilliantly in these DIY globes!

Instructions + Photo via Martha Stewart


Angela Turner said...


(Sorry for the virtual screeching - this project is just way too cute. I love that they have a vintage feel.)

Fantastic find!

Jennifer said...

Agreed. That is SO cool. I'd love to do this with you sometime!

Courtney said...

Ang, no need to apologize for that. I dig your enthusiasm. I'm right there with you. I feel an urge to scour thrift shops/ etsy/ garage sales to find some sweet little figurines....

You with me J?

Callie Grayson said...

What a great DIY project! I will have to make these with my nieces when I fly out to visit at christmas!

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