Holiday Decor: White Christmas

I love white Christmas decor, especially when styled against a monochromatic backdrop and paired with silver.

I am on the hunt for a front door wreath in this style (the one featured here is from The Cross).

Sometimes less is more is indeed the case. This skinny tree is accentuated perfectly with the fluffy feather boas (such a playful touch). Sprigs of greenery are an easy and cost effective way of adding a festive punch. I really like the look of the smaller bunches arranged on the mantle and in the vase.

I'm really digging the cherry blossom lights (from here) and although I think they'd be fun any time of year, they are particularly festive when paired with a few pinecones and a white linen table cloth. Easy-peasy. I've noticed that this year is all about trees that are smaller than 'average' or much larger than 'average.' I think smaller trees look great when placed atop a table (not to mention the fact that it makes it far easier to vacuum/dust underneath). To me, the birch branches are the icing on the cake. I'm still deciding where I'm going to perch the branches I acquired over the Thanksgiving long weekend.

Do you decorate with white? Why or why not?

All photos via Canadian House + Home.


Life is Love Cherish Life said...

LOVE white decor always!!!

Courtney said...


Callie Grayson said...

loving that silver bauble wreath!
and decorating with white is very pretty! but I have been using vintage ornaments that are faded jewel tones with silver and gold.
Maybe next year, I will switch it up and do all white since it is so pretty!

Martina Jolie said...

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