Holiday Craft: Yarn Ball + Ornament Wreath

I found it very difficult this year to find the perfect wreath for our newly painted door. I ended up selecting a 'natural faux' (yes, this is the oxymoron of the year) evergreen number in the meantime; however, I'm still on the lookout for a more unique option.

The yarn ball and ornament wreath tutorial featured over at life through the lense captured my attention. Although this beauty would be hung indoors (yarn wouldn't react too well to the cold Kamloops winter) it has a spot on my craft to-do list. Now, whether I tackle that list in its entirety is another question...

Click here for the tutorial.

While we're on the topic... if you're in the neighbourhood of Main + E 12th in Vancouver, make sure you stop by body politic. Their homemade wreath is out of this world.

Photo via life through the lense.

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