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Angela and Ryan are interested in having their own Wedding Website to communicate with their attendants and guests. They aren't alone: wedding websites have become very popular. Couples have many web hosting options at various price points. However, there are also many options for free Wedding Websites.

The following are some of the best FREE Wedding Websites I've found:

  1. mywedding.com

  2. Brides.com wedding website

  3. Weddingbells.ca

  4. Wedding Website at MomentVille

  5. eWedding

  6. Also... there is the option of having a wedding blog hosted through one of the many blogging sites [such as Blogger]

What a couple chooses to include in their website is entirely up to them, however, most websites feature RSVP, Maps, Wedding Party Bios, Accommodation Links, Photos, Special Information pertaining to the Ceremony or Reception, and Contact Information.

Everything else in this world seems to be online; it only makes sense that wedding correspondence is there, too. Additionally, saving the extra paper and postage required for RSVP's is both cost effective and environmentally conscious. For this reason, wedding websites will only become more popular.

Does anyone have any words of wisdom when it comes to Wedding Websites?


R and A said...

I have started designing a site on mywedding.com. I liked their templates the best, though I still wish there was a bit more freedom to customize the colour palette and fonts. It is super fun, though! You can include as much or as little as you want, and it is super simple. I may still consider the blog option if I decide I want to go from scratch.

Thanks for doing the leg work here, Court! Good luck with the move!


Courtney said...

For our wedding, I used a wedding website that wasn't free; at first it seemed silly to pay for one, but because design is important to me, I found I kept returning to the one I eventually decided to use- I was really drawn to one of the themes/templates.

In the end, I was happy because the theme seemed more reflective of my taste, so I guess, for me, it wasn't silly to elect to pay for a wedding website, especially since it wasn't expensive.

I still used one of the common free wedding sites, which many people seem to search automatically, where I put very general information about the wedding and then directed people to our other site, where I'd included travel and accommodation info, wedding party bios, photos, etc. (and I also included that website address in our save the dates.)

Not really words of wisdom, but, like everything else with your wedding, if you have a strong reaction one way or the other about something, even if it seems silly, it often pays to listen to your inner voice.

Courtney said...

Courtney: thank you so much for your experience with wedding websites. It was great to hear your take on the free-versus-paid debate. As with everything else wedding related it will come down to personal preference.

I like your idea regarding having both a free and a paid website. It brings up the next dilemma: where will your guests find you until you're able to provide them with a link?

Hmm... things to consider.

Angela: how is the website creation coming?

Wedding Website said...

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