"It's like rain on your wedding day..."

Ironic, indeed.

Most brides don't dream of rain clouds and grey skies on their big day. However, as in the case of this Fall couple, rain can add something special. {I love the effect the rain has on this wedding}.

After all, some say if it rains on your wedding day it will bring luck.

{laura novak photography via i heart peonies}


summer said...

definitely wish I had seen these before my wedding last may... it rained all afternoon! oh, my. this would've been perfect!!

Courtney said...

It's funny, I didn't wish for rain on my wedding day, but since then I have saved quite a collection of rainy wedding day photos- there is something so charming about them (although I don't think I would have met an actual rainy wedding day with much charm. I am sure I would have been obsessing over what it would do to my hair...)

R and A said...

That is so funny, I had a nightmare about a rained-out wedding the other night. The photos are beautiful, but I am TERRIFIED of the rain at our outdoor venue...we are going to need a well thought out back-up plan I think! The pics do ease my mind a little - one positive of a rainy wedding day!

Courtney said...

ha ha ha

Angie: not to worry, we will have an aazing back up plan. I'm also on the hunt for cute umbrellas to have on hand {just in case}.

Summer and Courtney: thanks for your comments. I'm sure your weddings were lovely in spite of the rain. Remember: rain = luck!

Thanks ladies,


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