City of Love

I'm snowed-in with my recovering boy today in search of a pick-me-up. These prints from Irene Suchocki's City of Love series have put a smile on my face and I felt like today was a good day to share them. After all, Valentine's is only 2.5 weeks away.

Couldn't we all use a little extra love in our lives?

. . .

8x10 Fine Art Prints are available from her Etsy shop for $30 and Valentine's Cards for $4.50. She'll print in almost any size imaginable; check out her Rates.
[A word to the wise: you may want to hurry and snatch these lovelies up. Irene just signed a deal with Urban Outfitters! A canvas print of "Paris is for Lovers" will soon grace Urban Outfitters shelves].

{Paris is for Lovers}

{Love is in the Air}

{From Paris to the Moon}

{Looking for Love}

{City of Love}

Check out more Paris: City of Love beauties from IS Photography.


R and A said...

These are wonderful. Love, love, love them. I am going to visit her shop right when I finish typing this.


P.S. I hope Bauer feels better soon! Does he have to wear the dreaded cone?

Courtney said...

Yes! It's already 1/2 destroyed. I don't know how it will last 14 days...

jessica lynn said...

those prints are just lovely. thanks for sharing...i have a purchase to go make! :)

Callie Grayson said...

amazingly beautiful!
thanks for sharing.

Dallas Shaw said...


Courtney said...

Oh, I just love her work! While I adore many of these (including Love is in the Air,) I think my very favorite is Looking for Love. So enchanting.

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