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I spent the day nursing my 10 month old puppy back to being 100% {he had his man-altering surgery today and is feeling a little under the weather}. His puppy-dog-eyes just break my heart.

{On a happier day last month}

It got me thinking how important our best buddy is to us and how [when the day comes] he will be included in our big day.

Being the dog lover I am, I always enjoy it when couples choose to include their pets in their weddings. One of the first weddings where I saw this done was Adam Sandler's. His English Bulldog was his best man!

{wiki Fido}

. . .

Here are some great ways of including canine family members:

A Ringbearer

{Katie Moos via Santa Barbara Wedding Chic Blog}

A Babysitter

{Julie & Johnny's Wedding via the knot}

An Attendant

{A Loft Wedding in NYC via the knot}

A "Nerve-Calmer"

{Showgum Studio, Canberra}

A Watch Dog

{Alison & Bleu's Personal Stuff}

. . .

Dogs can be walked down the aisle by flower girls or other junior attendants - however, judging by the look on Jennifer Aniston's face in the new He's Just Not That Into You trailer, it's probably the best idea to avoid asking a bridesmaid to walk Fido down the aisle. An industry based on puppy garments for special events such as Weddings has emerged and websites like Paw Palace will help you outfit your pup in a tux. Additionally, Etsy is FULL of animal accessories to dress up your dog. {Here you will find bows, fancy collars, flowers, and other personalized accessories to give your dog his or her own "wedding style"}.

Would you include your dog in your Wedding Ceremony?


Blair said...

Aww..your poor little guy. he is adorable. We wanted one of my dogs to be in our wedding but the Ranch we had it at wouldn't allow it!!:(

Courtney said...

Aww, that's too bad: I have heard many cases of 'no dog' policies! That's my quest: find a dog friendly venue by the time I'm alter bound!

He's perked up a little today: but still hating his 'cone'!

Callie Grayson said...

great images!
not sure, my dog is extremely active. but i love her to pieces!!!!
first i need to find a man. and a man who loves my dog. (it's a deal breaker, must love dogs!!)

Courtney said...

I completely agree! I bypassed that one by buying my dog with my man.

Courtney said...

Oh, I hope that by now your little guy feels better... it is always a bit of a heartbreaker when they feel cruddy.

My husband and I wanted to include our two dogs in our wedding, but at the place of our ceremony (a military chapel) dogs were a definite no-go. I think it is incredibly sweet when they are part of the day, however.

katrina lauren said...

Although we weren't allowed to have our pup at our wedding ceremony this summer....we did bring him on our harbour cruise reception. He knows both of us better than anyone else...our little bff...so leaving him at home just wasn't an option!

Courtney said...

Hi Katrina! Aw. That's awesome. It would be so hard to exclude my little guy [and not an option for us, either]. I like your story.

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