C Star Events on the move...


I am very excited to announce the upcoming move of C Star Events.

Following last week's graduation ceremony, my little family.of.three will be relocating to the interior of beautiful British Columbia.
As we are fortunate to be just a few short hours from home, our visits will be frequent and effortless.

What does this mean for C Star Events?

  • I am now based out of the Lower Mainland {Vancouver} and the Okanagan Valley {Kelowna}.

  • I will commute back-and-forth to be present for meetings, contract negotiations, site selection, and other events leading up to the big day.

  • I am accepting new clients from both regions and will work closely with couples interested in Destination Weddings.

  • Furthermore, in the months to come I will profile the many unique and original Ceremony & Reception venues available in the Thompson Okanagan as I become more familiar with the area and the Vendors.

I am very excited for this new challenge and look forward to documenting my experiences and findings here, on my web log. As I still have a vested interested in the Vancouver Wedding Industry, I will be splitting my time between the two regions. Additionally, regardless of my geographic whereabouts, I assure my present and future clients that I will continue to provide the hands-on, detail-orientated planning services I pride myself on.

I look forward to the months to come and the many new experiences I will acquire. Please join me.

{Image Courtesy of Kelowna Photographer Angela Murray of Captured Moments}


R and A said...

Yay Court!! I can't wait to see how your business flourishes with the new market! Best wishes from both of us.

Courtney said...

Thank you so much. I am excited, too. I can't wait to settle down and get to work in the OK Valley!

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