Favourite Favours

As promised, I have compiled a few Favour Ideas for Ryan and Angela's rustic.and.romantic affair to complement their elegant bird motif.

The following are some of my favorite rustic gifts.for.your.guests...

[Once Wed]

I love this idea.
You could leave mini Mason Jars full of homemade jam, honey, or other preserves at each place setting with a thank you note or monogram.
Grape or rhubarb jelly with eggplant fabric or ribbon would complement your colour palette nicely.

A Fun Idea {stolen from a family friend's wedding}: attach a note reading "Thanks for Jamming with us".

[Style Me Pretty]

We've already discussed this idea but I think it fits too perfectly to ignore!
Style Me Pretty provides helpful DIY instructions for this adorable favor while The Knot gives insight into the traditional significance of the Jordan Almonds used here to Greek and Italian cultures.

Angie: your bird stamps would work nicely on card stock affixed to these nests.

[The Knot]

What is more rustic at a Fall Wedding than a table decorated with delicious {Okanagan} Apples?
This idea is so simple, yet I love its' effect. I have also seen it done with ripe Pears: mini 'thank you' notes were attached to the stem with ribbon. How Sweet?


Geneve's creative idea of directing more attention to the Pie Bar by compiling the homemade recipes into a booklet is quite special.
I think it would be so sweet to have each baker's hand written recipes copied to card stock and bound with twine or ribbon.

Each guest would be able to leave with the recipes for the pies they enjoyed at your reception. Yum.

[Martha Stewart]

To correlate with the bird and natural theme, packets of Seeds {wild flower or bird seeds} would be a great favour for your guests.
Martha Stewart packages seeds in adorable origami envelopes.

DIY instructions for these handy envelopes can be found here.

[Martha Stewart]

In keeping with the 'Green' theme, I think seedlings would be a wonderful way of promoting environmental consciousness [yay Hybrid]!

You could split the favors offering half the guests seeds and the other half seedlings. Also, as they have done here, you can print your 'thank you' messages on recycled or plantable paper. {Starbucks offered plantable paper with their gift cards a few seasons ago: it was really neat}.

{To Donate}

It it always a lovely gesture when a couple chooses to make a donation in lieu of favors. The following are some of my favorite charities:

  1. WWF- Canada

  2. World Food Programme


  4. BC Children's Hospital

  5. BC Cancer Agency

There are MANY worthy Charities out there. Please let me know if you have any particular donation ideas.


R and A said...

So many options. I still really like the idea of the sapling (it grows as our marriage does...aww how SAPPY!), Ry loves the idea of the pie recipe book. I do think that this idea is awesome and unique, but I need to do some more concrete planning to make sure that we have enough recipes to share, and that they're not just taken off the back of a sugar bag, you know what I mean? Not that I doubt the talents of our fabulous pie making team, but I want to make sure that this idea is feasible before we get too excited about it.

I love the little origami seed packets - could we make something like this for tossing (a la rice)? I don't know how the park would feel about a ravenous pack of birds dive-bombing the rose garden though...hmm, we'll have to think a little more about this one.

I will keep thinking about this with Ry, and we'll let you know if we have any epiphanies.

Courtney said...

Great: I have come up with a couple more ideas since this post. I'll get them together to post soon!

As for ravenous birds, I'm hopeing this will occur pose Bridal Party Exit!

I love those envelopes! I want to play around with paper and see how they turn out.

I think that the pie booklet would be wonderful: cost effective, heart-filled, and a great take away for your guests. That being said, it will require more work on the DIY end and we'll eventually have to prioritize these projects and get them organized.

Something to sit on for a while: we have {just under} 8 months!


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