Pre Owned Wedding Dresses

During such unstable times - both environmentally and economically speaking - it can be very stressful to plan a wedding. For this reason, it is always great when you find a helpful website.

I was excited this morning when Kathryn {aka snippet&ink} shared PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com, a site advertising used {designer} wedding dresses at a reduced cost.

[Vera Wang for $1800 US]

After navigating the website I was very impressed. Brides can search for dresses by designer, size, silhouette, neckline, size and location. Furthermore, you can sign up for weekly notifications so you will stay on top of the newest dresses available.

Although this concept will not be for everyone, I think it's worth a look. It's a great Eco- & Recession- friendly site for the bride who is socially aware but unwilling to compromise style.

[Monique Lhuillier for $1000 US]

What are your thoughts? Would you buy a used Wedding Dress?


Miranda Karkling said...

i would for sure buy a used wedding dress. no one would know but you and who you tell. besides you could get something very beautiful and what usually might be out of your budget could be right on the money!

Anonymous said...

I agree! No one will know - and you get a dress for about 50% of the retail cost. you can either save the money, or just shift it towards another part of your wedding you're really excited about like flowers, favors or the venue.

Another Canadian site just launched called www.smartbrideboutique.ca. All the listings are separated by city and they promote buying locally to ensure that you can try on the dress and inspect any potential damages or stains before buying. It also reduces the chances of fraud.

It's important to try before buying as some dresses have had significant alterations and may not fit remotely close to the dress size they are advertised as.

Courtney said...

Thanks so much for your comments, ladies.

Anonymous: your tips were super helpful. Thanks for the link - that site looks great.

I can see this concept really catching on in the months to come.

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