Trash the Dress

I am usually not a fan of trash the dress photo shoots {OR tossing the bride's bouquet... but that's another story}. *Cringe.*

That being said, my opinion has changed significantly after seeing this beautiful video.

Shootin' at the Slough - Cheryl + Andrew's TTD // Vancouver from StillMotion on Vimeo.

The Vancouver wedding of "Mr. and Mrs. Milkshake" was gorgeous; however, it was their Trash the Dress footage that blew me away. Not many couples / photographers / cinematographers could make "shootin' at the slough" look so beautiful. Toronto's Still Motion did a fantastic job.

I'm no longer a 'hater.'


R and A said...

OMG. This almost makes me want a videographer...I'm sure we can squeeze another couple g's out of the budget, don't you? Such an amazing video. It is more of an editorial shoot than a wedding one - so unique!

R and A said...

P.S. Still don't think I could trash my dress...I'm just a traditional sentimentalist I s'pose.

Courtney said...

ya... I don't know. This video is quite convincing.

The images, the music. Sigh

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