How To: Elope with Style

I couldn't resist sharing this absolutely beautiful wedding that is featured on snippet&ink today.

This couple opted for a small intimate wedding: just the two of them, their officiant, and their photographers. The result is a stunningly personalized celebration. Although they decided to elope, the couple wanted their family and friends to share in their nuptials and created a mimmo+naz Super 8 video to document the day set to Gavin DeGraw's beautiful Follow Through. {Video. Lyrics.}

{This 4 minute video is definitely worth a look. It is not only a touching depiction of a unique elopement but also - and more importantly - it captures the intimate and candid wedding ceremony of a couple blissfully in love}.
What more could you ask for in a wedding?

The beautiful photography and Super 8 Video were captured by Toronto's mimmo+naz.
[To view their current work, check out the company's blog].

Update: Contact mimmo+naz if you are interested in a lovely super 8 video and photography package of your own!


Blair said...

i do love the 50's feel. what a great getaway car!

Courtney said...

I know! Who would have thought a taxi cab could be so cool on your wedding day?

mimmo+naz said...

Dear Bride+Groom to be!!

We had an amazing time with our couple, both Donna+Kevin were incredible fun, and totally in-love it made taking photographs and super8mm easy and just total fun!!!

I want to let you know that we travel all over Canada, the U.S. and abroad creating these simple, elegant, fun documentations - so if you are getting married and you felt something with our work, please call us toll free at 1800.616.7963 or visit us online to SEEE MORE at:


lots'a best wishes on your future nuptials,


Courtney said...

Hi Naz,

Thank you so much for your comment.

Brides everwhere will be excited to know that you travel!


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