Personalize it.

I am all about adding the personalized touches that make a wedding special and unique to the wedding couple. Although these details are sometimes overlooked or unnoticed by guests, they add character.

My personal mantra and what I will accomplish as a wedding planner:

When a bride and groom are seated at their head table and take a moment to look around at the most important people in their lives they will be within an environment that mirrors their vision. They will feel comfortable, content, and complete in the center of an evening full of love&happiness, catered specifically to their individual story.

How perfect?

The Knot [aka. The Bible of Wedding Planning] offers many 'lists' to help during the days leading up to your wedding. One of my favorites can be found here.

Angie: I love the idea of personalizing your MOH/Bride's Maids' Flowers based on the flower's meaning. How sweet is that sentiment? [I guess it also helps when your MOH has a flower named after her]!

One of my favorite personalized details, thus far:

Miranda was able to capture Angie and Ryan's favorite features: her freckles and his laugh lines. Perfect.

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