Etsy Bird Faves, Part 1

As promised, here is my [first] list of Bird Finds on one of my favorite websites: Etsy!

I love these address labels [$10 for 60] by Krystan. I think they'd be very nice for invites or thank you notes [maybe with your new address, Ryan and Angie]? The colours can be personalized [i.e. to match wedding/ envelope colours].

How precious are these cake toppers [$60] by RedLightStudio? Again, you can personalize them with your colours [an 'eggplant' tie, perhaps]?

OK, it's a play.on.words. but I like it. This Bird Cage Veil [$22] by MarlaJDesigns is very pretty. This designer offers various styles of Bird Cage Veils [the style I think you were refering to last weekend, Angie].

Another example of her Veils can be found here.

On a Non-Bird-Related-Note: She also makes beautiful hairpins [everyone loves a little hair bling].

This design [$20] would look beautiful in a bride's up do.

These stunning bobby pins [3 for $22] would also add a little sparkle to a bride or bride's maid's 'do. They would also add a pop to any bouquet.

More hair bling can be found here, here, and here.

1 comment:

TD66 said...

Love them all. We need those labels. My mom really likes that veil, and I love those hair pins. I love the really dainty, metal scripty kind of cake toppers, and am wondering if we can find any like that but with birds instead of letters? I'll keep an eye out.


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