Etsy Bird Faves, Part 2

On a continuous search for all.things.birds, I thought I would report some of my latest finds. [Just for fun].

Cake Toppers
[I don't think any of these are the style you're looking for Angie, but I'm including them because they are adorable].

I really like these love doves [$75] made by Middleburg.

Middleburg also offers this cute pair of blue birds [$49]. [They also come in brown with an ivory tummy].

However, I think that this set [$77] is my favorite of Middleburg's. You can personalize the banner with the wedding date, "Just Married," or "I love you."

These birdy thank you cards [$9 for 6] by turtlepapers are great. I think they would work nicely as wedding Thank You cards.

Another stationary option is this adorable note set [$14 for 6] by pearlmarmalade. I love the Parisian Etiquette.

This nest [$4.75] by theseasonalcottage is awesome. I think it would be adorable at the entrance table in the curly willow display I have envisioned. Or, somewhere on the pie bar.

The possibilities for these nests [$2.75 for 3] are endless. They're small enough to make a statement without going overboard and they could work very well within our rustic and romantic, Victorian decor.

I like this pin [$55] by ValerieLynn. I don't know where I would put it [maybe somewhere on the bridal bouquet], but I think it's sweet.

I'm a sucker for stamps and I really like these two by craftpudding. This one [$10] would be awesome for any wedding-related correspondence; this one [$12]would add a special touch to holiday correspondence.

I love this save.the.date [$18] by merrygolucky. This bird stamp set [$26.75] by cottonblue could come in handy with wedding correspondence including thank you cards.

And last, but not least...

These cards [$10 for 6] are just great. I love them.

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