iDo, uDo

This link came from my tech-savvy cousin. [Thank you Blair]!

iDo Wedding Couple Edition is a downloadable resource for brides and grooms to organize ten main areas of wedding planning:

1. Contacts
2. Invitations
3. RSVP’s
4. Attendees
5. Gifts
6. Checklist
7. Budget
8. Vendors
9. Events
10. Timelines

The program seems to have many capabilities stemming from these areas and looks very useful for both planners and brides. It also seems very user-friendly, even for the most computer-illiterate of us out there.

Have any of you heard anything about this program, positive or negative, or used it yourselves?

I am planning on downloading this program [$29.95 to buy after a free 30-day trial] once I sort out a few computer kinks on my lap top. [Thank you –again- Blair]!

Cheers to modern web-based technology.

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