Birds of a Feather.

Before Angie and Ryan's bird theme was officially established, we discussed personal touches to correlate with the rustic.and.romantic motif they envisioned for their special day. I thought a vintage bird cage would be a beautiful addition to the welcome/ gift table to hold cards.

Once the presence of "the bird" was established it didn't take long for me to start searching for vintage bird cages... here is my first find:

Found on Etsy for $15 [a steal] this 10'' by 17'' cage would look very nice on a patio after the wedding [maybe with a plant inside?].

What do you guys think about using a cage at the reception?

Here is an example of a bird cage used for cards and well wishes. How sweet?

Images courtesy of inwiththeold and the knot.


TD66 said...

lovelovelove this. If you see one of these kicking around, feel free to pick it up and we'll reimburse you.

I can't wait to see this all come together!


Courtney said...

YAY! Crazy bird ideas are coming together quite beautifully. Even if no one puts all of the special toches together [but the three of us and your bridal party], I really love that it's personalized for YOU.


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