Les belle fleurs.

I am excited to report a very successful first Meeting.of.the.Martha's [a.k.a. Angie's Bridal Team and me meeting to go over DIY and flower ideas].

Today we browsed beautiful floral arrangements and stationary at Granville Island and creative and personal touches at Michael's.

With flowers fresh on the brain, I feel it necessary to post some of my favorite blooms for center pieces, bouquets, and boutonnieres within Angie's colour palette. As always, The Knot is an excellent resource.

This bouquet features deep purple hydrangeas and waxflowers, as well as white stephanotis [yay for Steph's signature flower].

These bouquets include purple calla lilies and green orchids.

This bouquet includes burgundy mini calla lilies, roses, tulips, and tuberoses.

This bouquet features tulips in deep purple as well as purple and green orchids.

This bouquet includes roses, astible, and agapnathus [which I don't think we saw today but I really like].

These bouquets use the ranunculus blooms that Angie really likes in white and dark pink.

I love this wedding party. The lighter bouquets look stunning with the eggplant bride's maids dresses.

Finally, I cannot forget about the main man in this equation: Ryan! I love this single calla lily boutonnier.

"Earth laughs in flowers." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
All images courtesy of The Knot.


TD66 said...

Done and done...that boutenierre looks ridiculously fantastic...who says a man can't wear a lily?

TD66 said...

I'm glad Ry liked the callas because I love them.

By the by, the top bouquet is AMAZING. I love that it has the Steph flowers in it! I think we should print it off when it comes to bouquet time.


Courtney said...

Ya I love that one... it's crazy how things are coming "full circle": that was one of the first bouquets I 'bookmarked' when I was searching 'eggplant&olive' inspiration.

Don't you love the eggplant bride's maids dresses with the purple bouquets? The purple on purple looks beautiful: good call.

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