meet our photographers: Adrian Photography

When B and I moved to Kamloops one of my first "to do's" was to network with people in the Okanagan wedding industry.  As fate would have it, Jon + Jenny Adrian crossed my path and agreed to meet with me to chit-chat about the comings and goings of their industry.  They invited me to their home for coffee and after a couple of hours I left knowing I had met two very special people.  Three years later, I'm ecstatic to call them our wedding photographers and - more importantly - friends. 

Last Sunday my two B's and I spent the afternoon laughing with the two J's on Okanagan Lake.  They also managed to take the odd photo of our little family and Ben and I are so thrilled with the results.  A big, big, heartfelt thank you to Jon + Jenny for being so awesome.

Visit Jon + Jenny's site for more of this session and their contact information.  They're also on facebook should you "like" their work.

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Jennifer said...

I can't wait to see their work from the wedding too!!

They're amazing photographers (and their clients aren't that bad either!)

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