It's Always Something, Gilda Radner

This book left me with so much more than its (thrifted) $1.99 price tag may suggest.

I was introduced to Gilda Radner's work at a young age and immediately admired the cast of characters she introduced to SNL as an inaugural cast member (if you're not already familiar with these clips do yourself a favour and find them).

Gilda's story - told in her own, honest, words - is heartbreaking but altogether inspiring. I found myself savouring each chapter. On one hand, I didn't want to reach the end of the book because I knew the outcome of Gilda's courageous fight with ovarian cancer; on the other hand, I felt the book was like a great conversation shared with a friend that takes you into the early hours of the morning. Even though you know it inevitably has to wrap up, you'd love nothing more than the chance to keep talking.

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Jessica Luch said...

It seems like all the SNL cast members had heartbreaking books. My landlord told me that he just read the one about Daryl Hammond and it was really depressing.

I'm reading a biography as well! A.L.T A Memoir (about Andre Leon Talley from Vogue). So good!

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