wedding project [one]: the napkins.

It is with great joy that I announce I have completed a wedding project.  In full.  The napkins have been measured, cut, ironed, serged, ironed again, and now reside in a beautiful pile of completion.




I envisioned our napkins as a bold pop of colour against an otherwise neutral tablescape; however, after searching locally for several weeks, it became clear that the amazing patterned fabric I dreamt of wouldn't be so easy to find.  Enter: my fiance, who cleverly diffused a bridal meltdown with his suggestion of etsy.

It didn't take long before I stumbled across Bobbie Lou's Fabric Factory: the answer to my (bridezilla) prayers.  The shop is full of many-a-patterned fabric, one of which being the coral chevron print I had imagined.  I liaised with the shop's owner, Chelsea, and delightfully received a hefty box of zig-zag fabric.  Success.

To be economical and sustainable, my intention was to make the fabric go as far as possible and, as per the measurements of the fabric, decided 14" x 14" was the perfect size for our napkins.  Although somewhat smaller than "traditional" napkins, I decided they are sufficient for the casual nature of our reception. (Furthermore, it helps that the edges are serged rather than finished with a folded edge, subsequently maximizing the surface area of each napkin).  Each napkin has been tri-folded and pressed, ready to be arranged on the tables, 4 months from now.


I must thank my Grandma who serged and pressed a pile of 100 cut napkins whilst listening to Canucks games in her sewing room; my cuzzies Nick (pictured) & Kirsten were there for moral support.  Her work and one-week turnaround period makes my serged pile of 56 look rather insignificant.  Thanks, Grandma!

up next:

I am really pleased with how the napkins turned out.  This project was a great re-introduction into sewing.  On that note, I'm currently doing just that: sewing table runners!  Unfortunately, I only purchased enough fabric for 12 of the 17 runners I required so - needless to say - this one is categorized as "in progress."  Lesson learned: trust your own math and don't get distracted by the cute fabric attendant.

I'm also fiddling around with the boutonnieres so expect an update on those this month, too.

Onward and upward.... Go!


Angela Turner said...

As always, I am so impressed with your vision and skill. These are almost too pretty to wipe your mouth with!

Great job, lady!

Courtney said...

Thanks, Ang. I can't wait to see them all in use!

Jennifer said...

I love the napkins. I would love one or two after the wedding ... :)

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